Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obsession with Aromatherapy Diffuser Continues

Last Friday, I bought a set of aromatherapy diffuser from Mia Maison. I find the scent too mild so I paced it in the bathroom. For my living room, I needed something stronger so I went to Tarte Tatin earlier to buy a new set. Tarte Tatin is a children's apparel store located on the third level of Greenbelt 5, across Timezone. Inside the store, you will find a display cabinet filled with aromatherapy diffusers that are priced very reasonably. Thanks to S.M. for the shopping tip.

Please send your stories to I will be waiting.


  1. Thanks to Mandy Dela Rama Santos for creating a reasonably priced diffuser scents.


  2. FPmike,
    can you please recommend/post the scent you bought from Tarte Tatin? need to get one for my home too.

    thank you for your fabulous blog!♥

  3. Dear Artemis,
    The most recent scents I bought were Eau de Neroli (649.95 Php)and L'orangerie (395 Php).

  4. awww, thanks so much for the reply FPmike, and for posting the prices too!♥

  5. hello again mike!
    i just remembered a friend of mine gave me two sets of aromatherapy diffusers for Christmas from Domicilo Fragrance Factory-really yummy scents and classy packaging. saw their prices on their site, really affordable. you can go to their multiply site: :)

  6. Mia Maison products are too expensive. Hindi naman ganun kaganda ang quality ng scents nila. :-(

  7. so cute..... please add more product.your choice is so cute.i like your all products.



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