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Friday, March 11, 2011

Grandmother Demands for DNA Retest

This chef fell in love with one of his culinary arts students in spite that he has a pregnant girlfriend. The chef's mother was ecstatic when she found out that her son's new girl belongs to a very influential family. The pregnant girl on the other hand was very depressed because she knew that could never win back her unborn child's father.

A few months before the baby's birth, the girl went to the chef to ask for financial support. When her baby was born, the chef was present at the hospital to sign the birth certificate of his newborn. When his mother found out about the signature incident, she was furious. She demanded that the baby should go through a DNA test to determine if the baby belongs to her son. As expected, the test proved that the chef is the biological father but the mother still refused to accept the result. She wants the baby to go through a DNA retest in another hospital of her choice. Her son's ex-girlfriend refused this time around because she fears that her baby's grandmother might manipulate the outcome of the retest.

Is this the reason why the chef and his girlfriend have not been married till this day? Do you know this chef? How about his girlfriend?

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  1. Mike!!!! :) I know I know!!!!:) Kaloka!!! Miss you!!!!! :)

  2. at least the mom made patol to a chaka but rich guy ... si beijing just makes patol to chaka guys ... she's a lower life than her mom is!

  3. to INDIEFAB!

    I take offense in your comment "mukhang igorot not handsome". I understand that the person you were referring to may be ugly, but to use "mukhang igorot" as a term denote ugliness is not right. You could have simply said ugly. I am an Igorot and I am far from ugly. Yes, there are ugly Igorots, but there are also good-looking Igorots and have not drop of foreign blood in them.

    And regarding the topic, it's China.

  4. Hi Mike,

    My comment from a few days ago seems to be missing. I'm the one who said my family knew CC's mom. Is there are reason you deleted it?

  5. Wow Mike, I'm so flattered you replied! I'm such a huge fan! :) Regarding your question, my sister said there are talks about that but she's not very sure if it's true bec. some people are also saying otherwise. But one thing is for sure bec everyone in the know is saying the same thing: the father is very, very naughty! Buti nalang magaling mag-famewhore!

  6. HINT please kahit konti :(

  7. Corny na. The clues have been removed ;-(

  8. @anonymous march 30, 2011 2:55pm:

    the answer is already posted in one of the comments

  9. In fairness to the grandmother, she's the one who supports the kid now while her son continues not to acknowledge the baby.

    And FYI, the "chef" and his "preggy gf" were still together when "current gf" came into the picture despite knowing that "chef" and "preggy gf" were still together.

  10. who is the chef???

  11. Ang sama naman to steal a pregnant girl's man!



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