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All That Glitters is Not Gold

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Last December 2009, fifteen days before Christmas, my credit card was stolen from my wallet without my knowledge at a party. I only noticed that it was missing the following evening. When I called the customer service hotline, I could not believe that the thief was able to charge transactions amounting to more than 400,000 Php in a matter of eight hours (11 am to 8 pm). His purchases included several bags from Louis Vuitton, MacBook from the Apple Store, appliances from SM Department Store and many more. I  requested my lawyer to write letters to the bank disputing these transactions because I did not even receive a notice in spite of the irregular transactions. I only got the bank's attention seven months later when I arrived home from Europe. The bank officials had a meeting with me and we were able to resolve the issue.

I was a victim of credit card fraud and I detest credit card scam artists. They should all be arrested and put behind bars for the rest of their lives. I am sure you will understand my position after what I have experienced. I take it very personally!

The funny thing is every time I share this story with friends, they would always say maybe the infamous BOY was present at the party (of course he wasn't). I thought people are all aware of the Cathay Pacific Airways case filed against this BOY for making fraudulent on-line ticket purchases using stolen credit cards. Apparently everyone knows this except for the PR firm of a jewelry company who plans to sign him up for an advertorial. I am not sure about the details but I was scandalized when I heard the news. A PR firm should protect the image of the client's brand and not destroy it. In the jewelry company's official website, there is a pledge to act responsibly. To this PR firm, I suggest you abide by this pledge. Please do your research!

Sometimes, I feel that Filipinos are just so forgiving. Please, let us not tolerate these scam artists. I think the only reason why he has never been arrested is because he has a relative in the military who shares the same last name. Yes, the BOY is trying very hard to project a glittering image, but keep this in mind, "All that glitters is not gold!"

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  1. it will be very easy... jewelry collectors will surely boycott the brand. SIMPLE. It's gonna be their big loss.

  2. Did you find out who took the credit card?
    oh well,about the boy,you will find lots of stories about him,visit kitty go's blog.

  3. i love all these blind items! keeps me awake thinking and guessing! LOL!

  4. omg kawatan pala talaga tong c social climber/blogger chinelyn...khit ano pang fw inattendnan nya mukhang katulong/cheap pa rin ang TH na payatot na to. Kakarmahin din yan te c bb blackberry... malapit na matpos ang shining moment ng kawatan na to.

  5. Finally! A post about the BOY! I've been hoping that you'll write about him. This story isn't new, of course, but the more people know about him, the better. I've always been wary of his meteoric rise to fame, it just seemed too good to be true, and, as it turns out, I was right to be suspicious. The fact that he hangs out pa with the son of General Garcia is further proof that his morals are not really what they should be.

    Is it true, though, that he's really related to that military official? I know they share the same last name, but are they really related?

  6. Do you have any scoop on that local blogger who hangs out with the BOY a lot? I've always liked her, but when I found out that she hangs out and travels A LOT with the BOY, that turned me off a little. Of course, I'm not accusing her of the same "activities" as BB, she is after all a businesswoman. But,as they say, you are the company you keep.

  7. re: word war
    uhm....i just saw this now. kindly leave me out of this. thank you

  8. when BB wasn't the international sensation he is now & just a little known blogger here, i stumbled on his blog and read that he was from the south of manila. so i concluded he was from a posh village in Alabang basing it on his seemingly vast collection of high end luxe items thinking he was probably some rich spoiled brat from a wealthy family. i was soooo dead wrong!!

  9. I think there should be a law that merchants should be liable to pay for products that were bought using stolen credit cards. Ang tanga tanga naman kasi ng kahera, imagine purchasing something worth 50,000 hindi man lang hihingi ng ID. If only these stupid cashiers ask for ID's many would not suffer what you experienced. I think there is this one CC company though that sends an SMS to your phone within minutes of a purchase. So kung nakuha yung card mo, huli kaagad from the first purchase.

    Now, since you mentioned that they bought appliances, I wonder if they had it delivered to their address. I used to work for a very big Prof. Services firm which value integrity so much. One of their employees got caught using a stolen credit card to purchase furniture. The credit card owner went to the store and asked for the address where they had the furniture delivered. The perpetrator was caught and was fired from the firm.

    Anyway this BOY pala, which I always see in the cinemas due to his Nokia OVI endorsement has some skeletons in his closet pala. Sayang naman yung talents niya. I hope he gets punished for what he did.

  10. hope that BB doesn't bring any negative publicity again to the Philippines. we pinoys have a bad enough reputation as it is.
    and i agree that these wrongdoers should be punished.

  11. When he popped into the scene some years back, I was wondering where he got all the moolah. He would walk into a rave party in head to toe LV, hat, shirt, pants, shoes and bags. I was wondering because not even the son of Lucio Tan does that. Nor the Gokongweis. Please tell us where he gets the money.

  12. a few attempts tried to put this BOY in his proper place but, none claim victorious. I think this is your call to action, fashion pulis. Rest assured you will have our support. More power to you.

  13. he actually created CHIKATIME. HE IS CHIKATIME!!! bombarding himself with harsh words, and pretending of not knowing anything (in his blog of course) that he is being virtually harassed... calling Marc Jacobs' bag "chicken pox" as to the ostrich leather. JUST TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK OH SO POORLY HARASSED. how pathetic and how sad his life is. he desperately wants attention and he wants it BIG.

    what a cluttered life.

  14. and why does he talk like a VALLEY GIRL??? he's from CSA .... CSA LAGUNA.

  15. "Just hope she and Chuva reconcile b/c BB is not worth a ruined friendship" - correct! I've always wondered what happened there, because Chuvaness and BHag used to refer to each other in their posts sometimes then it stopped. It could be just coincidence, of course, that they just weren't mentioning each other, and then I suddenly heard about the Twitter war, which did involve BB and Chikatime.

  16. i love you dear. not to side with BB bec i despise the guy but i think this blog entry is a bit foul because you somehow associate the theft of your credit card to BB's previous shenanigans though clearly BB was not involved with that. though clearly not intended, i hate for you to lose your credibility as i truly love your blog and candor which is sorely lacking in the industry. but let the infamous BB chart his own path to social climbing hell.

  17. 1. Chikatime is the best
    2. The BOY doesn't have any talent....he just got lucky.
    3. He doesn't live in Ayala Alabang nor Alabang Hills cause were homeowners in both villages.

  18. Dear Anonymous,
    I have no intentions to link my incident to the BOY's activities. My story was supposed to serve as an introduction and/or transitional device in writing the story. I hope you won't get me wrong. =)

  19. folks let us not turn this to a class war. so what if BB lied and did not live in posh townships? find something interesting and crass which he did recently and not rehashed stories, however true, from years ago. don't let BB have the last laugh.

  20. chikatime was the precursor to this blog. the big diff is fashion pulis has intentions for the greater good, and equally important, not anonymous. more power!
    chuvaness was the one who did the sleuthing to connect BB to chikatime and felt betrayed for her support and friendship.
    honestly chikatime was a guilty pleasure. BB did apologise so let's give the boy some credit.

  21. Thank you guys for all your support. =)

  22. @Anon at 9:35 PM:
    I agree... BB's saga to me has become an urban legend. At this point, I'll believe any/all stories/accusations, if charges are filed.

  23. it is clear in this article that Fashion Pulis is not implicating BB in his credit card theft incident. his intro explains why the story is traumatic and personal for him because of first-hand experience. that's how i understood it.

  24. "pano yan nasira na ang japan, wala na inspiration for her blog si chuvs? pilo/kc at shoes na lang ni carmina villaroel ang laman ng blog nya"

    Oh, my. What an insensitive thing to say. "Nasira na ang Japan"? How crass.

    And besides, only a small percentage of Chuvaness's posts are about Japanese culture.

    And, finally, FP never, in any way whatsoever, implied that the BOY was the one responsible for his experience with credit card fraud. He explicitly said that his FRIENDS JOKE about the BOY being there. People, please read carefully before accusing other people of, well, accusing other people. It creates unnecessary drama. It's not like we don't have enough of that in the world.

  25. Thank you dontaskmetosmile =) Love yeah! Mwah

  26. Anon 11:33 PM,

    Sounds like bovine pee.

  27. Speaking of BB, nakasabay ko yan one time sa flight back from the United States. He was in economy class. And halatang nagtatago siya, didn't want to be recognized (tinatakpan niya ng scarf yung mukha niya). Nahihiya ba siya na economy class lang at hindi first class? LOL

  28. I used to be a fan of BB kasi nga he's a well-known filipino fashion blogger but I got super turned off when I noticed that he made no mention or allusion to the Ondoy incident, but was oh-so concerned about the earthquake in Haiti. He even posted fund-raising projects for Haiti! Not that I don't care about Haiti but, really? You don't care about your brothers and sisters in the Philippines? For the person who said BB is proud to be Filipino, actually, he's not. He always refers to the Philippines as the "Third World" and only mentions his country if he has complaints. And by the way, mashado shang pa-sosyal, minsan naman sumasablay ang diction nya. Puh-leeez....

  29. Thanks for the shoutout, Mike. It just annoys me when people put words into other people's mouths. They are so quick to jump to conclusions when they really should just reread what was written. Plus, I was a victim of credit card fraud, too, so I can relate. And my card was me the entire time!

    Anyway, love ya, too! Your blog is one of my everyday reads na! :)

  30. @dontaskmetosmile - I don't mean to be rude but I just want to point out what you said.. and now you're telling other readers not to imply BB?

    dontaskmetosmile said...
    Finally! A post about the BOY! I've been hoping that you'll write about him. This story isn't new, of course, but the more people know about him, the better. I've always been wary of his meteoric rise to fame, it just seemed too good to be true, and, as it turns out, I was right to be suspicious. The fact that he hangs out pa with the son of General Garcia is further proof that his morals are not really what they should be.

    Is it true, though, that he's really related to that military official? I know they share the same last name, but are they really related?
    March 21, 2011 9:42 AM

  31. @Anonymous 10:08 PM

    You're not being rude, no worries. But I need to explain myself. When I said "They are so quick to jump to conclusions when they really should just reread what was written" I was referring to the commenters who said that Mike was implying that it was BB who stole his credit card, when Mike didn't even imply that AT ALL. They're saying Mike is accusing BB, when he never did. That's what I meant. It was specific to Mike's credit card situation.

  32. I am curious , if this person does not have the assets to support his extravagant fashion sense, how in the world did he ever get a US visa??? european visa?? is he a US citizen ??


  33. "nasira ang japan"

    dontaskmetosmile: are you willing to take a vacation to Tokyo now? Business class seat on a Delta flight to Tokyo, game? LOL

  34. @Anonymous March 23, 2011 8:21 PM

    No, of course I'm not willing to take a vacation to Tokyo now. But my understandable unwillingness to go doesn't change the fact that Japan is going through a tragedy and that is all the more reason to treat them with respect and sympathy. Saying that "sira na ang Japan" is callous and downright insensitive. How would you feel if someone said, "sira na ang Pilipinas" after Ondoy?

  35. korek! not all that glitters is gold. minsan, glitters lang talaga sila, makintab pero yung tig-limang piso lang per pack sa national bookstore! lol

    i love your blog! isang malaking CHECK!!! :)

  36. @dontaskmetosmile-nasira naman talaga ang malaking bahagi ng japan dahil sa lindol at tsunami. kahit sa Pilipinas nung nangyari ang Ondoy.
    sabihin mo nalang "insensitive" yung tao pero ang pagsabing "crass" siya, eh panlalait na yon.
    "-Please be considerate and respectful to your fellow readers."

  37. Hay nakakahilo ang mga comments.Sino ba si BB?

  38. Anonymous March 24, 2011 1:10 PM

    I never said the commenter was crass. I said the COMMENT was crass. There's a difference. I made a judgment on the comment, not the person who wrote it.

  39. @dontaskmetosmile-
    maraming salamat at ipinaliwanag ninyo ang pagkakaiba ng panghusga ng komento at panghusga ng tao. dahil ang mga KOMENTO ninyo ay mapanghusga at mapagmataas.
    -"The fact that he hangs out pa with the son of General Garcia is further proof that his morals are not really what they should be."
    -"Oh, my. What an insensitive thing to say. "Nasira na ang Japan"? How crass."
    -"I said the COMMENT was crass. There's a difference. I made a judgment on the comment, not the person who wrote it."
    maraming salamat po muli at magandang gabi.

  40. @Anonymous March 24, 2011 7:46 PM

    This is the last time I'll address this. I'm sorry if you find my comments mapanghusga and mapagmataas, but I stand by them.
    - on the Tim Garcia comment: I really do question his morals if he insists on hanging out with a man who lavishly spent the hundreds of millions of pesos his father stole from poor Filipino soldiers on a luxury UES apartment, Armani Casa furniture and a Gucci bed for his dog. And he has the gall to have himself interviewed and have his picture taken with his Sergio Rossi boots and his house arrest ankle bracelet. See here:

    - As the to the "Nasira ang Japan" comment, let's just beg to differ on that. Because I personally would be offended if someone said "Nasira na ang Pilipinas" after we just went through a tragedy. If you won't be, then I guess you're just more thick-skinned that I am.

    - I think there's truth in my statement naman that you CAN judge people separately from what they say/do from what they really are like, to a certain extent. People can say stupid things even if they're really not stupid. People can act dumb even if they really aren't.

  41. @dontaskmetosmile-
    sa akin rin, huli na ito-
    kung talagang "you stand by your comments" hindi ninyo kailangang i-"justify" at inisa-isa. kasi hindi ko rin kailangan ang paliwanag ninyo dahil inyong komento yon.
    at dalawa ang puwedeng ibig sabihin ng sira ang japan-"japan is a broken nation", at "much of japan was damaged." sige, payag na akong magkaibang pananaw tayo dito. pero ipinapahiwatig ninyo naman ngayon na makapal ako kung wala akong nakikitang masama sa komentong ito. sigurado ako ngayon na panlalait sa pagkatao na yan at hindi komento lamang.-"then i guess you're just more thick-skinned than I am."
    pero okay lang, makapal naman ako eh. magandang gabi ulit sa inyo.

  42. @Anonymous March 25, 2011 8:21 PM

    Naku po, hindi po tayo nagkaintindihan. By "thick-skinned" hindi po "makapal" ang ibig kong sabihin. I just meant that you're not as easily offended as I am, na baka mas balat sibuyas lang ako sa inyo. Hindi po literal na "makapal" ang ibig ko sabihin.

    Alam kong sinabi ko na huli na 'yung isa, pero I felt I needed to address this one, kasi hindi po tama ang pagkaintindi ninyo sa akin. Pasensya na.

  43. Ito lang tanong ko, may boyfriend ba talaga yang poser na yan o gawa gawa niya lang yon? At least hindi fake ang bags niya kaya lang nakaw! Pathetic

  44. @dontaskmetosmile-
    dahil hindi ka nakatiis at di tumupad sa sinabi mong hindi ka na magkokomento, gagayahin kita, huling komento ko na rin ito-
    hindi talaga siguro magkakaintindihan ang inglasera at ang nananagalog. hindi kita ma-"reach."
    maraming simpleng tao lamang kaya dapat sikaping maintindihan rin sila ng isang edukadong tao tulad ninyo na mas malawak ang pag-iisip.
    pasensya na rin at magandang umaga po.

  45. dontaskmetosmile:

    Hello, you can't compare Ondoy to what happened in Japan. Ondoy was just a typhoon that brought so much flooding in Manila. While Japan has 3 disasters and the worst of all is the nuclear power plant meltdown. "Nasira na ang Japan" might sound crass to an unreachable English speaker like you but that's the reality.

    Japan is a closed society and they are non-Ingleseras unlike you. The reality is, they are just keeping under wraps the real score of that nuclear plant meltdown. It's worse than Chernobyl.

    Did Filipinos leave Manila when Ondoy struck? I have many Japanese friends and even a cousin studying in Tokyo on full scholarship. They were scrambling to leave Japan. Even travelers who go to US regularly taking Delta Airlines opt to fly using other airlines. Even for a stopover, nobody wants to go to Japan.

    Yes, not all of Japan was destroyed by the earthquake & tsunami but radiation is detected in all of Japan. Either in air or water. Nobody there wants to buy fresh food like milk, veggies & fruits that were sourced from there. Imported daw dapat.

    So before you remark anything, do your research first. Even Japanese people think their country is damaged far worse("nasira") than they can ever imagine. They are not just admitting it to the world. Closed society nga eh.

  46. You are correct, 12:45PM Anonymous.

    How can telling something as it is be called crass? Naku yan si Kat, bagay sa kanya dontaskmetosmile na alias. Japan ang pinag uusapan isisingit ang Pilipinas. Nung nag Ondoy wala naman natakot pumunta sa Pilipinas LOL Sya mismo ayaw nya pumunta ng Japan LOL

    Di daw magkaka intindihan ang Inglesera at Nananagalog? Yan ang crass & insensitive. Bakit, pag nag Tagalog ba ng expression, ibig sabihin hindi nakaka intindi at tanga? LOL

  47. Fellow FP readers, I just want to remind all of us readers to keep an open mind. Let's not fight with the other people who comment their own opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you know, people who don't rly know who you are so they pose no real threat. Let's just keep FP an enjoyable read for everyone :)

  48. dear anonymous@april3/3:30pm,

    where were you my dear when i was being lambasted in another entry a while back? :D

  49. Wow! Ang layo na ng usapan!... Anyway, eh totoo namang hindi sila nagkaintindihan. Mali naman talaga yung interpretation ni Anonymous sa "thick skinned".

    Anyway, does anyone know the real name of the BOY? Because there are two different names coming up. Iba 'yung name sa isang comment sa isang post, and iba rin yung name sa Cathay Pacific lawsuit. Could it be that these are different people naman pala (although that would be too much of a coincidence na ata)? Or has the BOY's scams reached such a level that he knows to use different names?

  50. I know it's better to just ignore the comments and shut up, but I feel the need to defend myself, so here goes.

    First: I never said Ondoy = Japan earthquake + tsunami + nuclear crisis. I suppose Ondoy was the first thing I thought of because it was the disaster that hit closest to home.

    to be cont'd

  51. ...
    Second: I am fully aware of the extent of the damage, the dangers the Japanese people (and we) are facing and the potential long-term risk of the nuclear fallout, thank you very much. I don't deny that Japan is "sira". But that still doesn't make me comfortable with the use of the word. If the worst possible disaster hit our country and someone told me that "ah, sira na ang Pilipinas", even if it were true, I would still be offended. Even more so if it was said as part of a dig at someone, in this case Chuvaness. Take a jab at Chuvaness if you want, fine, but sana not the expense of country that is already going through so much. It just comes off as rubbing it in. If you weren't offended by that, ok. People have different sensibilities.

  52. Three: I never said "Di daw magkaka intindihan ang Inglesera at Nananagalog". Actually, nagkakaintindihan naman kami, up to the point where "thick skinned" was mentioned, which is when I explained myself. It was actually the anonymous commenter who said "hindi talaga siguro magkakaintindihan ang inglasera at ang nananagalog", not me. It was he/she who turned it into a "simpleng tao" vs "edukado" thing, not me. I didn't even address the comment anymore, because I knew it was just going to stir things up. And, well, here we are.

    to be cont'd...

  53. Lastly: I don't understand why I am being singled out as an "Inglesera", since I would say 80% of the people who comment here write in English. Also, as already mentioned, the Anonymous commenter seemed to understand me perfectly up until the infamous "thick skinned" (for which I promptly explained the Tagalog equivalent), so I didn't feel the need to switch to Filipino. People also respond to Tagalog comments in English or Taglish. So, again, why?

    I know this is long, and I'm sorry for that, Mike, commenters. But people are saying that I said things that I never said, and I felt the need to clear things up. Thank you, in advance, if you give me the chance to do so.

  54. @dontaskmetosmile-

    hay, ganyan talaga dear, if most don't seem to understand where you're coming from, no matter how much you explain yourself, you're the odd one out. :)

  55. Diba malapit sa Muntinlupa prison ang bahay nila BOY?

  56. too easy! :)

    pero yung ibang stories medyo mahirap hulaan. I suppose thats okay. Ingat lang!

  57. not all that glitters is Gold,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.

    Thus shall be the return of the king.

    -JRR Tolkien

  58. anong credit card mo? even a simple 10,000 Php purchase through my card, within 10 minutes i get a phone call from my bank to confirm the purchase. what kind of incompetent bank are you talking about? are you sure this story is accurate?



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