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Monday, April 17, 2023

That Awkward Moment

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During a private gathering of friends of a certain celebrity, non-showbiz guests mingled with showbiz personalities. Even if the non-showbiz people were calm, a few were star-struck. Pleasantries were exchanged, as they all had something in common, that is, the reason why they were invited.

One of the guests was Dashing Celebrity (DC). Tall and handsome, DC was hard to miss. He is known to be lively as well. After meeting some guests, DC suddenly fell silent. Then, the awkward moment materialized. DC was not alone at the gathering, much more, when he approached the said table to mingle. His Attractive Wife (AW) was right next to him. In a snap, AW had to introduce herself to the people at the table to break the awkward silence.

The guests realized why AW had to introduce herself personally, which they felt should have been done by DC. Apparently, DC had set his eyes on a Good-looking Woman (GW) who was seated at their table. DC seemed to be assessing GW quickly and intently. Such subtle action of DC was noticed by the guests. Perhaps, they were aware of the reputation DC has when it comes to women. Meanwhile, AW knew she had to save her face rather than be neglected and treated such while in front of strangers.

‘I like awkward moments. They are full of tension and suspense. Anything's possible or, at the very least, they are the source of some electric sizzle.’ ― Donna Lynn Hope

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  1. AW - P
    DC - J
    GW - ?

  2. Hirap naman yan. Lagi mo nlng pinaglalaban sarili mo.

  3. Nakaka high blood tong si DC - J kung sya man yan. Harap harap na talaga di na nahiya ganern?

  4. Classmates gising sino to? Help! - kaklase nyong nasa row 5

  5. Very galawan ni J. And very galawan ni P to introduce herself. He did this as well to our friend. When he visited a house of another celeb good looking guy.

  6. DC - C
    AW - M
    GW- C
    Tama ba?

  7. Who is that?? Well, why does the wife put up with that?

  8. Next! Ang jirap naman FP.

  9. I used to be with someone who was like this. Walang peace. You are never secure. Never again.

    1. Sabi natural lang daw sa guys tumingin, it’s part of their nature daw?

      Once went out with a guy - on one date lang, grabe din makatingin sa ibang girls. Nakaka-insecure nga talaga.

    2. Ay true nakakainsecure at disrespectful tlaaga sa partner. Mabait ang partner ko at loyal, pero nung bago kami ilang beses na sobra syang makatitig sa mga magagandang girls. I called him out about it and explained what he is doing, na nakakadisrespect sakin angld sa tao g tinitignan nya(ung iba may partner pa). Parang hindi nya yata napapansin na ganun ung nangyayari basta nakakakita sya ng sibrang maganda so he promised he will be more conscious. Ngayon naman wala nang ganung instances. Psrsng nature yata ng guys mastar struck physically.

  10. Ganyan na lang palagi?! Time to make ipon, find a job, make a business, be financially independent and say Adios!

  11. J&P agad na isip ko

  12. J&P are Not married yet . So this is not them

  13. DC- J
    GW- H❤️ ex GF ni J



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