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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Crazy Ways

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Entrepreneur Personality (EP) has established her reputation as a shrewd businesswoman in various nooks of showbiz. EP once dabbled in the entertainment industry as a performer but chose to leave the glamor of acting. Nonetheless, her presence in the industry has left an imprint.

EP is known for her ability to maximize an opportunity presented to her. From managing talents to other business interests, EP is a force to reckon with. Thus, dealing with her means one should be careful and meticulous as well.

One time, EP allegedly ordered expensive items from Fellow Entrepreneur (FE). Given the high profile of EP, FE placed trust in their dealings. EP paid in check, which was normal. EP even gave a free event ticket, which made FE confident in doing business.

After a few weeks, the check bounced. EP subsequently returned the expensive items. FE was disappointed the deal did not push through. Thinking that the experience with EP was just one of those bumps in the business and the transaction was over, the shock came afterwards. EP demanded payment for the ticket she gave earlier!

‘Be wise enough to learn from the past, shrewd enough to capitalize on the present, and clever enough to prepare for the future.’ ― Matshona Dhliwayo

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  1. Ooops. si A ba to?

  2. Replies
    1. I think so too! Cia lang yung ma-ugong na namigay ng free tickets.

  3. Easy peasy it’s M.

  4. M who?more clues pls

  5. Dapat lang naman talaga ibalik ang ticket.

    1. 10:07 are you for real? FE didn't asked EP for that ticket. EP voluntarily gave those free tickets to FE ano.

      In my opinion, parang nascam si FE dito. Parang nanghiram si EP ng jewelry for free. Imagine, nagamit mo yung jewelry, no need magrent.
      And also, I don't understand people who issue checks tapos magbbounce lang. Like, hindi mo ba alam na wala ka pa lang pera sa bank account na yun? Legit signs of being a social climber.

  6. It's H. She is known for making hiram some mamahaling items from some friends and sometimes online sellers and bussiness partners. Kunwari bibilhin pero itr-try lang daw muna then ibabalik pag hindi na niya kailangan.



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