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Friday, April 28, 2023

Sam Concepcion's Flawless Versions of 'Kapit' are Winning Our Hearts

Just in time for Christian Bautista’s celebration of his now two-decade music career, Sam Concepcion reimagines his 2017 hit song “Kapit” and did not just one, but two versions of it!

The multitalented singer recently made his return to his Universal Records family and released two brand new mixes of "Kapit" that impressively took the song to even greater heights with its infectious groove.

Sam’s homage to Asia’s Romantic Balladeer is indeed one-of-a-kind. Sam Concepcion flawlessly puts his own spin on the track, infusing it with his signature sound and energy.

Recalling how he accepted the offer to cover a Christian Bautista hit, he shares, “It just happened. I learned that there’s a compilation album that’s being made for Christian Bautista and as some people may already know, we spent a lot of time together in our careers especially during the beginning. We have the same management, same network, and all that.”

“So fast forward, when the opportunity presented itself to remake a song that I really like, that I am aware of, and I’ve listened to countless times before, I took the opportunity to record and sing it, syempre,” he adds. Sam also said that he’s also happy about the longevity of Christian’s career.

When asked about the reason why he worked with two producers to make two mixes of “Kapit”, the singer said that there are two effective ways of interpreting the song.

“There were two ways of approaching it and I worked with two different producers to come up with two different versions of the song. One is a bit more chill and laid back. The other has a faster tempo. So you get two, which is great because it completely changes the whole mood and it creates a different context for the song,” Sam explains.

Feast your ears on Sam’s “Kapit” and “Kapit (The Other Mix) on your favorite digital streaming platforms today.


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