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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Universal Records Philippines Forges Partnership with SHOW Korea to Further Strengthen The P-Pop Scene

Amid massive demand, popularity, and influence of Pinoy Pop or P-Pop right now in the landscape of the Philippine music scene, the home of the finest Original Pilipino Music (OPM), Universal Records Philippines along with SHOW Co., Ltd. have agreed to form a strategic partnership to further strengthen its hype and exposure here in the country.

It also aims to normalize giving the best possible talent and entertainment in today’s mainstream local and even international scenes, followers and supporters of P-Pop while contributing in promoting the one-of-kind Filipino culture and artistry as well.

Present at the contract signing ceremony were Universal Records Operations Manager Peter Chan, Managing Director Kathleen Dy-Go, along with ShowBT Korea, SHOW Korea, and SBTown Philippines CEO & President Geong Seong-Han, also known as Tatang Robin, with Ethan Yang, and Adie Hong.

It’s not a secret that Universal Records has been the major record label which can be called the pioneer in promoting and supporting the rise of K-Pop music here in the country since the mid-late 2000s. From selling CDs and spearheading shows, the label had been there and done that. And right now, it tries to remain at the forefront of innovative promotion of these kinds of music, as well as bridging the gap between different cultures.

UR’s Kathleen Dy-Go believes that there are a lot of talented individuals here in the Philippines who can be “idol material” and it is high time for these people to be exposed to high quality and intensive training, while acquiring the commendable discipline that Korean agencies instill in their trainees.

“It’s such a great honor for the label to acquire a partnership of this caliber. We promise that we’ll work very hard for the potential groups that we will be launching along with SHOW Korea and SBTown Philippines and of course, we have a lot of surprises in store for all of the P-Pop fans out there,” she says.

For the beloved Tatang Robin, it’s finally the right time for SHOW Korea, SBTown Philippines and UR to make this partnership happen so he approached the label first this time around. Both easily agreed to have an immediate meeting since both parties are interested and share the same vision.

“I want to express my gratitude to Universal Records because it did not take long for the label to agree to this amazing partnership. It was quick,” he shares.

As a great CEO himself, Tatang Robin has an exemplary experience in creating a really great boy group, evident in his dedication in training and debuting SB19, who's perhaps the most popular P-Pop group right now. So now it’s a new challenge for him to create an ultimate P-Pop girl group that will be idolized by many P-Pop and K-pop supporters. Although he’s nervous, he’s optimistic that SHOW Korea and SBTown Philippines can pull it off, of course, with the aid of UR.

He explains, “I believe that it’s the girls’ era this time around here in the Philippine market. As you all know, the most famous groups in South Korea right now are girl groups. It’s just very common here in this world that there’s really an order for everything. So, I think this time is already the right time for the girl groups to be at the top. I hope that this girl group that we’re going to debut is the first to be nominated internationally, like in Billboard.”

“If only fans give their love and support just like they did before in SB19, I believe that it’s also possible. Most of the talents we have, they have been training for up to four years. The shortest is one year and seven months. And as you all know I don’t debut talents who are not yet ready,” he adds.

Looks like the fans are in for a treat in the coming weeks and months because of this exciting partnership.


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  1. Posibleng ma-dominate ng pinoy ang international scene with the right management. Nakaya ng Korea, kaya din ng Pinas.

    1. ang problema, kung Pinoy management mismo. napaka-local mag-isip. ang chance lang na ma-discover ang Pinoy online eh ibang lahi tlga ang mag-build up sa kanya.

    2. 8:27 magastos kasi, kaya nga korean management ng SB19 e nakaya nila

    3. 2.24 ayaw lang tlga mag-take ng risk ng Pinoy. Koreans did.

    4. We Filipinos are very good in singing and dancing. We are very talented. But the songs are so malungkot. Kaya hindi ma showcase yung singing and dancing skills. Depressed yung tono, pati gestures ng singers.

  2. Advice lang po.Tutal ok naman yang dancing and singing skills nila, dapat may budget sa pagretoke.Sa true tayo,lahat ng korean idols or thai ay mga sobrang gwapo.They invest on their looks and they can speak English during interviews.Yan ang packaging na maganda.Kasi ang fans ay mga may kaya.

  3. Try to make it here in the Philippines before launching internationally.Filipino fans have high,sophisticated taste in idols.May standards po kami.Kailangan maganda/gwapo ang mapapanood para magbayad ng mahal na ticket



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