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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

BEY Enters A New Era And She Wants To Be 'Close 2 U' On Her Latest Release!

Following the release of “Dahilan” last year, BEY is ready to unveil her soothing track “Close 2 U”! Unlike her previous single, this song is filled with so much R&B sensibilities and is definitely an emerging anthem for your slow jams and late nights – all thanks to Fern and Kindred for its overall production. (LISTEN HERE)

With “Close 2 U”, BEY shows off her refined vocals that continue to captivate new listeners. A wonderful fusion of good rhythm and super catchy lyrics, depicting the struggles of finding yourself in a situation where you feel lost and perplexed. The singer hopes that somehow this original song of hers can help its listeners to cope as they go through that certain situation.

BEY’s “Close 2 U” arrives alongside a must-see official music video with actor Ruru Madrid, coming out later this month.

 It’s definitely a vibe and it’s safe to say that it’s slowly turning into her ultimate track thus far.

Time to get close to this new BEY single because it's out everywhere! It’s currently at the 6th spot of Philippines iTunes Top Songs and is part of Spotify Fresh Finds Philippines Playlist as well. Speaking of that streaming platform, the singer is also on the cover of “poses” playlist curated by Spotify.

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