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Monday, November 21, 2022

Striking Back

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Revenge is often the recourse when a person wants to get back at someone whom he/she thinks has wronged him/her. Although some would let go and let the universe do its karma, others will take matters into their own hands.

In the case of Controversial Personality (CP), executing a plan to get back at a Respected Figure (RF) has started. RF is known for being savvy in the field of expertise the family has held on to for many years. RF has established a reputation that is trusted and thus, any negative incident could tarnish the hard work and name.

Meanwhile, CP has started with a subtle extraction of retaliation. Payback time has come. Within the inner circle, CP had allegedly sent messages to certain friends who know RF. Such messages contained accusations that could tarnish RF. For example, CP accused RF of facilitating good personal publicity by using own funds to finance media presence in various publications and social media. In addition, CP claimed that a budget was set to ensure parties considered enemies by RF were to be featured negatively in social media. Overall, CP portrayed RF as someone who possesses little credibility given that money has come into play to improve one’s image and hurt others.  

‘The paradox of vengefulness is that it makes men dependent upon those who have harmed them, believing that their release from pain will come only when their tormentors suffer.’ ― Laura Hillenbrand

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  1. M & V....well I don't blame her. He's been doing her dirty so might as well fight fire with fire

  2. OMG ito na ba yun
    CP - L
    RF - V

  3. CP - M
    RF - A
    Tolugan na

  4. CP - M
    RF - V

    Mahaba haba pa talaga tong drama nilang 2.

  5. The spoiled boy thought he could get away with everything.

  6. "Has started", matagal ng nag simula si M kay V, kaya si L ito!

  7. CP - L
    RF - V
    She better have proof because she doesn’t have an ounce of credibility left.

  8. More clue mga mars sino sila haha

  9. Its C -the one who is planning to relatiate R -the media personality turned lawmaker


  10. Pogi at matangkad ba si V? Sino si CP?

    1. 4:51 PM Pogi - no, feeling pogi and mayaman kaya pinagaagawan. Matangkad - no haha. Wish lang nya. Pero tama ka, this is V pero hindi ung pogi at matangkad na V - this is the other one.

  11. Nagets ko rin sa wakas si V, and mas convincing si L si CP since we know naman what happened.



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