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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Whose Side

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The public always has an opinion when it comes to celebrities trying to explore love. Rather than be subjected to scrutiny and subsequent rude comments from netizens, most celebrities prefer to keep their status private. Only when celebrities go on a date in public and gets spotted do speculations fill up social media and blind item columns.

When Goody Actress (GA) and Network Actor (NA) were started to be seen together in the open, her fans started to speculate that her heart was happy again. GA was glowing and her followers expressed support even if she and NA were not paired as a loveteam. After much secrecy and denial for a time, the two came out in public.

Time passed and their diverse lifestyles could have caught up with them. Thus, a breakup seemed inevitable and the public was faced with a time to choose whose side was to blame for the split. Predictably, public perception led to blaming NA and his image was not helpful at all. GA was raised to faultless level. However, inner circle rumors seem to disagree with such view and observers hoped NA would not be immediately castigated.

Allegedly, GA might not be as nice in private and her past relationships had to deal with her attitude and stubbornness. GA gets what she wants and her elders had to go through and accept that stance. However, rumors claim GA has grown wiser and refuses to once again go through as the recipient of toxic behavior as she had with a past love.

Nonetheless, it takes two tango, as the cliché goes, in a relationship or a breakup. A separation could be the best option for the troubled couple.

‘Don’t be eager in believing lies by ignoring the truth. Don’t fall for lies when you know the truth, because of your loyalty and support to the person who is telling the lies.’ ― De philosopher DJ Kyos

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  1. Mr. A and J especially with the "toxoc behavior in the past reference" 🥱

    1. Yung J and M gets ko, clue naman kay A & J pretty please🙏

  2. Valedictorian mga baks. Si GA- P at si NA- M

  3. J and M. Sa clue na parang hinayaan nalang siya ng elders niya kasi wala din sila magagawa

  4. J and M. Ex is E. Yun na!

  5. J & M. Drinking as the toxic behavior.

  6. GA - J
    NA - M
    Alam naman ng marami na attitude talaga si girl

  7. J and M. mas toxic naman si M ano

  8. If this is J and M. I don’t really see J as goody goody. It shows naman that may pagka hardheaded sya.

  9. Blanking ako classmates. Pa help?

  10. J & M. Both of them are still young & immature.



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