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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Crass, Not Class

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Whenever a celebrity seems to be showing negative behavior in the media and gets bashed, family, friends, and fans will come to the rescue. The defense is that such a celebrity was misunderstood and he/she is not really that negative in real life. In addition, people should know the celebrity before they make conclusions of his/her character.

The above justification is a common excuse that is accepted by most people. Thus, rude behavior of a celebrity in front of the camera is dismissed as merely an antic and should be forgivable. Nonetheless, Unmindful Personality (UP) might be doing the opposite, that is, her behavior off screen parallels her on screen reputation.

Customers waiting in line were shocked when UP made her scene at the stall. A staff member was preparing the order of a customer when without warning UP broke the silence of the queue. In a loud voice, UP expressed her desire to taste the food the stall was known for. UP cut the line and demanded a sample for her to try from the staff. The customer whose order was being prepared was caught unaware of UP’s antics and managed only a stare. The confused staff was also jolted between serving the customer or UP. People in line were turned off by UP's unclassy behavior and could only conclude that her crassness onscreen might be real after all.

‘Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.’ − Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. Pakopya classmates

  2. Si A yan! Tignan nyo yun sa taas kamukha nung character nya sa show. Ilang beses na nababalita na ganyan sya pero madami pa din nagogoyo.

  3. Bat pag ganito na klaseng BI si A agad naiisip ko. 😂

    1. True. Hahhaa parang sya lagi ang ugaling ganyan.

  4. Sana may nag video nang mag viral sya. Entitlement shouldn’t be tolerated.

  5. A. No class at all!

  6. A? Sya lang naisip ko na laging may ganitong BI lol

  7. Feeling Alister na si A

  8. Nasa ibang section ako, schoolmates. Clue naman kay A please.

  9. Feeling ko si A ito, siya lang naman ang celeb na ganito lol

  10. Si A na wlang manners at feeling sikat

  11. Si A din naisip ko haha

  12. Really can't take A's inelgant antics. Even her role sa recent movie nya, not even halfway through in-off na namin tv because it was so nasty.



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