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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Thoughtful Generosity

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When Cordial Talent (CT) met with Wealthy Personality (WP), his presence was most welcomed. WP was significant in the career of CT, as she provided the means to increase his media presence and popularity. CT knew he had to show support to WP whenever he could as well.

WP asked CT what was keeping him busy. CT said he was into online activities, like most people his age. He was between jobs and waiting for his turn at a new project. The competitive environment these days has limited opportunities of talents. WP then asked CT to come over to her home so he can teach her his online techniques. WP said she’ll compensate CT for the effort. After fulfilling covid-19 protocols, CT had access to WP’s home and the teaching sessions began. Sometimes, CT would assist in WP’s workout. 

One time, WP’s calls were unanswered and she wondered what happened to CT. CT said that he was in a relative’s place, where he was spending online time. Soon after, WP surprised CT with significant gifts that made him happy, overwhelmed, and stay at home. 

‘Generosity takes an open heart and a love that asks for nothing in return.’ — Anonymous

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