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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Tale of Love

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Common Friend (CF) introduced Man Target (MT) to Interested Party (IP) and set the unknowing couple on a date. They hit it off and that date was just one of many. CF was happy for her friends and her successful matchmaking. As time passed, IP and MT’s relationship hit snags, but IP kept the flame burning for MT. MT focused on work and respected IP’s decisions on their relationship.

Fast forward to pandemic times and CF and MT were working on a project. The staff could not help but notice the closeness of the two and CF seemed extra sweet towards MT. She prepared MT’s food as well. Allegedly, the two were seen together in a room. This behavior reached IP and she started to doubt if MT would be her forever. Love can be blind and thus, she continued to pine for MT.

During a taping break, IP invited MT for dinner. MT said he was out of town and unable to join her. IP understood as MT has always been busy and even if he is on break, he might have commitments to fulfill.

Days later, IP found out she has been made a fool. Reliable sources informed IP that MT was indeed out of town, but he was enjoying the sun with CF and her family. IP felt ghosted by MT and betrayed by CF, who had once set her up with MT.

‘All is fair in love and war.’ ― John Lyly

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  1. Kasalan na kasunod neto!

  2. Replies
    1. Friends pala si D and H before the issue? Kung si H pala ang nag set up sa kanila ni K?

    2. fyi lang po...hindi po friends si h and d eversince...

  3. H K D din ang hula ko

  4. Kakaloka. Ang daming mahihinang artista na di kaya tagalan yubg temptations of lock in tapings.

  5. Close ba si H and D ever?

    1. hindi po friends si d and h eversince...

  6. SINECH ?😟🤔🤔🤔

  7. A and J and ? the who si IP



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