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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Wait Some More

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Network fans focus their attention to the talents appearing in various shows and programs. Equally, if not more, important are the people working behind the scenes, such as production workers, and others involved in activities related to running the management, such as non-production staff. These offcam employees form the bulk of the workforce and comprise the invisible team that ensures things are run smoothly. Without them, talents would not have attained their present status.

Such employees are subject to management/labor policies and agreements that relate to their company performance. Hence, they can negotiate for better work conditions and salaries. Meanwhile, management will bargain and this response will lead to conflict especially if the employees are placed at a disadvantage.

Sometime ago, employees became optimistic when their company showed profit. They expected that they would be given the much-awaited increase and probationary employees would be regularized. They were hopeful. However, management had made strategic decisions in hiring talents. When the employees followed up their requests on increases and regularization, they were informed that they needed to wait longer. The finance department was still looking at the budget. They were disappointed and could not help but think that the new talents had eaten into the budget that would have benefitted them.    

‘If you don’t create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work.’ – Ari Weinzweig

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  1. i said the same sentiments sa kapatid ko na nagtatrabaho dyan sa kumpanya na yan, napuna ko lang naman

  2. Alam na kung anong network itey! Kawawa naman mga malilit na manggagawa. Hays.



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