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Sunday, July 25, 2021

It’s Complicated

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Relationships are complicated when circumstances turn up that could affect the trust and commitment to each other. When Independent-thinking Individual (II) heard about rumors linking Her Love (HL) to other persons, she did not pay attention to such stories. As far as II was concerned, HL was focused on her and their relationship. Their being together and making a life were all that mattered to II.

During the course of the pandemic, the couple had their share of frustrations, which hurt HL. HL was accused of not wanting to work hard enough and was tagged as a good for nothing person whenever II would receive assistance from family. HL became tired of receiving messages that touched on his ability to care for II.

When HL managed to give his share, II asked if he had work. HL said he does. II thought everything was fine until a close friend sent intriguing text messages. The messages indicated that HL was seen allegedly with Wealthy Entrepreneur (WE) outside the city, on not only one but two weekends. II recalled that HL said he was on a shoot and not on a beach trip. Subsequently, II confronted HL. The fierce argument made them realize they better go separate ways.

Incidentally, WE is rumored to be part of the project of HL so he and other personnel could have work. WE even reached out to II to assist in finances, but II has to promote WE’s products in social media. WE did not mention any link to HL at all.  

‘And we went our separate ways without having understood each other. As in this world nobody understands the other easily.’ − Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. K at A. Sino c WE?

  2. in order of mention:

    happy guessing mga classmates

  3. Replies
    1. Nope. Both of them can stand alone. Advertisements and businesses, kahit walang showbiz. Finances will never be a problem to them

    2. Masyadong magaling humaqak ng pera ang mga yan, asa kang naghihirap sila ngayong may pandemic. Can afford nga ni M na wag magwork ngayon e!

    3. @2:28, both are financially capable, kahit mawala na sila sa showbiz.

  4. A and K. I don't know who WE is so I guess With Honors lang ako today.

  5. K and X .inunahan ko na yung lagi naman nagcocomment nyan

  6. K & A to? Hindi J & A? Ehehe naisip ko lang

  7. cno bang k and a nayan
    more clues mha ka fp
    jiiraff ah



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