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Sunday, July 11, 2021

No Warmth

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When survival is at stake, rumors can create the difference. Sometime ago, Respected Celebrity (RC) became overconfident such that she took her sweet time in her work. Unknown to RC, Fast-rising Talent (FT) was making her way into her turf. FT was clicking with the audience and soon, RC found herself slowly being inched out of her supposed projects.

Apparently, FT was spreading rumors that RC had an attitude problem, which made working difficult. Although a tinge of truth was in the rumor, RC did not like that at all. RC felt that FT was sowing discord. Like other talents, RC faded into the background, while FT had the career advantage.

Years later, the possibility of RC and FT working together was starting to materialize. Before such could ever happen, RC warned the higher-ups that FT can ruin work relationships given her past experiences and reputation. Unfortunately for RC, circumstances were in FT’s lucky stars. The higher-ups realized that the rumors allegedly spread by FT about RC were not rumors at all.

Once again, RC became wary of finding FT within reach. RC had her own way of showing she was not keen on the idea. RC declined a request from the production, which made them clueless, but accepting of the excuse that RC was too busy. According to the grapevine, RC felt that FT had already made her presence felt by getting an assignment that was supposed to be hers.

‘Obstacles and opportunities go hand in hand. The difference lies in the way we perceive them.’ ― Dr Prem Jagyasi

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  1. RC- T and FT- G

  2. Halu classmates, majirap ang exam hehehe

  3. Hula lang ... RC is M, FT is S?

    1. Nope. Mabait yung S not a rumor mongerer

    2. "the possibility of RC and FT working together was starting to materialize" dito plng bagsak na ung hula mong S and M kc ayaw pang magwork ni M and fyi walang nilulutong project for them.

  4. sino sila? bagsak ako hahahahha

  5. Ang jiraff naman nito help classmates! Haha

  6. A at P both kah

  7. A at P na dating mga kaF. Tama ba mga klasmeyt?

  8. Kayo na bahala manghula classmates. BI about K and A ang hinihintay ko dito hahaha

  9. Kala ko friends sila? Baka threatened si RC mukhang maraming projects ibibigay kay FT.

  10. A and M. A NA DATING KAH NA NAGING KAF. M na jowa ni D.



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