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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Be Informed

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During a lull, Benefactor Pal (BP) told Talented Celebrity (TC) to wait for him as they had to talk. He could not attend to TC as he had a briefing. Meanwhile, three persons approached TC and asked if they could have a photo with him. TC turned them down. Other people greeted TC, but he gave a blank look. After a few seconds, TC left the area and found a nook where he tinkered with his phone. Unknown to TC, BP saw what happened.

BP kept his cool, as the three persons were the ones who put the money together for TC’s fee. BP told TC to go home and rest. Their talk can wait. TC responded that he was still good and could wait for him. BP replied he still had much to do, and TC left. BP profusely apologized to the three individuals and said TC might just be having a bad day. Later, a staff told BP that TC seemed to be spaced out and smelled of something. BP realized his fear had materialized.

When BP met Network Insider (NI), he recounted his experience with TC. BP said he was embarrassed by TC’s behavior and warned NI on possible scenarios. NI answered that BP’s story was an eye-opener for the team to be prepared for adjustments in dealing with TC.  

‘Every choice has a long afterlife of consequences. No one can know the eventual outcome of any decision. All you can do is make the best choice you can make in the moment.’ ― Cassandra Clare

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  1. Haha nako wala pa nga, sumasakit na agad ulo niyo kay TC 🤣🤣 gusto niyo yan e

    1. Hahaha! Parang gets ko na nga eh.

  2. Haha nako wala pa nga, sumasakit na agad ulo niyo kay TC 🤣🤣 gusto niyo yan e

  3. Nakow wag na, cancelled na yang si TC, per project na lang ang pirma kung gusto nyo kunin serbisyo nya.

  4. Yan na. Hindi pa nag start, lumaki na ang ulo. Good luck nalang sa inyo.

  5. eversince naman isnabero kahit sa mga chikiting nung nasa village sya ng ex nya

  6. kala ko naman nagbago na si koya.. mukang professional help kelangan na ata talaga nya..




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