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Saturday, July 3, 2021

The Irony

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When Go-Getter (GG) sets her mind on a goal, she will do and sacrifice everything. GG started her career with a plan to break into showbiz, which would provide her with better earning opportunities. Thus, GG went the usual route that could ease her entry into the industry without having to go through many talent searches.

During her journey, GG had a Significant Other (SO), who stood by her side. GG later found herself in a project that could jumpstart her showbiz career. Thus, she told SO that she will be busy and not have much time for him. SO requested for calls at least every other day. GG ghosted him by not answering his calls and things escalated that they ended their relationship. GG was informed that having a relationship at the onset of a showbiz career was unadvisable. A newbie needs to focus on her career and having a love life might be a distraction.

Meanwhile, feelers were sent to possible production houses, but they were lukewarm on hiring her. Interest in GG was, ironically, focused on her personal life instead of her professional plans.

‘A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself.’ − Jessamyn West

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  1. Sinetch itech mga classmates? Wawa naman si SO kaso ganyan talaga sa showbiz lalo pag may ka loveteam

  2. R and boyfriend

    1. Sila rin hula ko, hahaha!

      Sorry girl, pahasa ka muna. You're not interesting enough.

  3. GG - R
    SO - N

    Good night, klasmeyts!

  4. R kinain din mga salita niya.

  5. wlang charm at all na R

  6. R
    walang dating
    naglaho agad ang kinang
    nalunod sa isang baso ng tubig

  7. R na wala naman kasing appeal at mayabang pa. And her boyfie

  8. buti nga sayo R. i don't like you from the start.

  9. Si R na feeling victim lagi

  10. More clues sa R

  11. R.. parang wala naman syang masa appeal noh? parang walang role na babagay sa kanya.. kahit mag YT sya, parang waley din..

  12. If si R to, I can sympathize. Kapag galing ka kasi sa walang wala, you won't let anything get in the way of your potential success.

  13. This is C cguro.



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