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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Quirky Behavior

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Based on the behavior of House Guest (HG), Concerned Occupant (CO) became dubious and protective of her household. CO witnessed a sensitive behavior of HG that could make or break his coming over to the home. However, CO also knew her job could be at stake if she revealed it.

One time, Young Occupant (YO) asked CO if she had seen her favorite underwear. CO was familiar with the routine of washing the clothes and storing the newly washed items in the corresponding drawers. As only a piece of garment was missing, YO did not push the issue. Weeks passed and YO again asked CO about her missing underwear. She said that she had to buy new ones, as her panties kept disappearing.

CO could not help but connect what she had witnessed with HG. CO thought that HG was being kind when he brought down the laundry basket to the washing area. She noticed HG getting a couple of undies from the pile. The incident did not matter to CO as HG was in a serious relationship with Home Dweller (HD). CO was confident that HG knew the size of HD and which ones she owned. She dismissed the incident as HG perhaps wanted a souvenir.

After listening to YO’s concerns, CO could not help but think that HG might have taken YO’s stuff. Imagination of other possible things HG could do became limitless in CO’s mind. Yet, CO was at a loss if she should tell the head of the household. Until CO could come up with the right action, she resorted to keenly guarding the washing, drying, and storing of the undergarments of the home occupants.

‘If you think people in your life are normal, then you undoubtedly have not spent any time getting to know the abnormal side of them.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. eww may fetish! ok cant guess haha sorry

  2. Hahahaha, grabe pati tlaga yan. Hassle din kaya laging bibili ng bago. 😂

  3. Ano ba yan, kadiri

  4. Si HD-V at HG-I ata to.
    May kasama ba silang YO? Wala ata
    Giraffe naman

    1. yun din naisip ko.

    2. Hindi yan sila dahil madami sila sa bahay noh.. maka judge naman maraming pamangkin si I at alam ko may anak din sha

  5. Parang anlaki naman ng household nila at andaming occupants?
    Need help classmates!

  6. Ewww.... ninenenok ni HG hindi pa nalalabhan? Sick in the mind ka koyah! 🤢🤮

  7. Ok but how young is YO? If she's a minor omg that is another level of wrong!

  8. ang jirap.mga meses anuney???

  9. HD - S
    YO - A
    HG - J

    Also thinking, it can be about S, M and one of the relations of S. The S from both set of guesses are related.



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