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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Offcam Conflicts

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While the cast and production pretend everything is fine in front of the camera, not all is well behind the scenes. During the lockdown taping of a series, Amiable Actress (AA) and Male Co-Star (MC) developed a certain closeness. Similarly, AA and Other Co-star (OC) became close as well.

Apparently, the closeness of AA with her fellow actors reached erstwhile Controversial Boyfriend (CB). After all, CB has a Close Friend (CF) in the production as well. CB did not like the idea of AA getting chummy with MC and OC during the closed-door taping. Hence, CB allegedly confronted AA. AA pacified CB and assured him that nothing malicious is happening among the three of them. Besides, their closeness is just plain friendship and sharing the same likes and preferences.

The conflict should have stopped at that moment, but AA had to express her disgust at CF, who might have fed CB false news. AA and CF had a previous misunderstanding. Moreover, being holed up in one location for a period could have aggravated the past tension. Their alleged confrontation was stopped when cooler heads intervened.

Meanwhile, someone in the production told Handsome Actor (HA) what CB thinks of him. CB called HA a f***boy. HA fumed and planned to give CB a beating if their paths crossed.
The tension was indeed real and before personal issues could affect work, a production head intervened and instructed the ones involved to clear matters. Hugs subsequently became unstoppable, but cynics said the reconciliation seemed to be merely for show.

‘Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.’ ― Warren Wiersbe

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  1. anu ba yn..andami nmang involve..pahirap ng pahirap mga BI ni fp..hmp

  2. AA-J CB-J(Nonshowbiz). Hula lang

  3. AA - A
    CB - J
    HA - W
    hula lang



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