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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Inspiration to Work

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Although the new normal has limited the opportunities for work, Male Personality (MP) is doubling up his effort. While everything seemed to be going smoothly, MP allegedly has a secret that has affected his motivation.

During the time of uncertainty, MP suffered depression. Adding to the bleakness was the rocky state MP’s relationship was in. MP was lucky as a Patient Girl (PG) took her chance on him. Whenever MP was feeling down, PG brought food and did her best to comfort him. One night, they got drunk and gave in to the calls of the flesh.

The encounter resulted in PG claiming MP was responsible for her pregnancy. Instead of begging MP, PG said that even if MP will not acknowledge his responsibility, she will continue with the pregnancy. He was not pressured. The family of PG noticed her weight gain and wondered over the fact that she had not introduced a boyfriend.

The twist is that PG is related to MP’s Former Lover (FL). When FL found out, she lashed at MP for taking advantage of PG. PG refuted FL and said she wanted it to happen. FL was stunned. PG and FL have to resolve how to break the news to their family and explain the role of MP once again. For now, the two will keep the secret, while MP mans up to added responsibility.

‘You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.’ −-Jim Rohn

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  1. Omg so juicy! Sinetch kaya itong preggers na ito?

  2. Ang juicy! Sinetch ang mga itetch?!

  3. Omg sino to?! Sasabog din ang totoo.

  4. Classmates, kukunin ko na ang bunot! Wit ko knows ang mga to! please lang, more clues, huhu! Ang juicy pero waley akong guesses!

  5. A.Z and B? anong kinalaman ni B bakit problem ipaalam sa family nya e ex nga sya?

    1. Mali hula mo.

      PG and FL have to resolve how to break the news to their family.

      So PG & FL are related not by friendship but by blood.

  6. omg. very hot momma pa rin si PG.

  7. hmmmm eh si Z at A lang ang naiissue ngayon na may relasyon at si Z eh kakahiwalay lang diba? Pero in a relationship si A sa isang mayaman ah. so baka hindi sila ito.



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