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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Unpredictable Behavior

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The couple has been married for a quite a while. As time passed, Doubting Husband (DH) has lived with certain quirks of His Wife (HW). The vows have set them to accept each other in marriage, but DH started questioning HW. In particular, DH observed how HW reacted after their intimate encounters.

After DH and HW are done, HW would go to a corner and sing without getting dressed. When DH asked why HW was doing that, she responded that she just needed to release her emotions, and thus her outlet was to sing. HW added that DH should not worry about her behavior as she was just calming herself down.

Such incidents resulted in DH controlling himself from having intimacy with HW, as he did not want her to feel emotionally drained. His behavior subsequently resulted in HW asking for intimacy. Still, after they do the act, HW would cry incessantly.

When DH confided his problem to a friend, he was advised to convince HW to seek help. DH exerted effort to influence the decision of HW to see a therapist. The sessions revealed HW was abused during her childhood. For now, the sessions are ongoing and the effect has placed DH in an awkward position. Apparently, HW wants intimate moments frequently. DH has not been used to such behavior from HW.

‘When you're accustomed to being considered 'normal', difference feels like a perversion.’ ― Jamie Arpin-Ricci

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