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Sunday, December 13, 2020

New Discovery

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The work time for the next day was early, so Industry Talent (IT) decided to sleep. That was a wrong decision. Unpredictable Partner (UP) arrived home and was unable to see IT. UP came from his commitments and was stressed. When he realized she was not waiting for him, he woke her up.

Roused from her sleep, IT tried her best to be attentive to UP’s litany. UP started to give her a piece of his mind and stressed that she should have waited for him to ask if he had eaten already. IT let UP say what he wanted to and did not bother to answer back. UP later asked IT to go to bed and she just stayed next to him. She could no longer sleep.  

Come morning, IT rushed to work. A Production Colleague (PC) noticed the swollen eyes of IT. PC instinctively knew something happened and took IT to a room. IT did not want to relay her story, but her keeping of her feelings bottled up might affect the rest of the day. PC wanted to know if UP hit her, IT said he did not but he screamed at her.

When IT went home, she was surprised with a cozy dinner prepared by UP and he even had flowers all over the house. This time, UP was apologetic and knelt down to explain his behavior. 

As all is better again, rumors have it that UP has sought professional help to prevent any similar incidents from happening again. 

‘Repeated patterns become facts, and when you're in touch with the facts you can predict the future.’ ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

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  1. Partner so hindi pa kasal? Hmmmmm

    1. Hindi pa kasal pero confirmed na living in hmmmmmm, hula ko lang ha na sila ito.
      IT - K
      UP - J
      Parang pareho sila may project ngayon.

    2. Partner = Husband, bf, lover, teammate etc.... :)

  2. IT- C
    UP - T

    Di ko sure mga klasmeyt, alam ko lang may anger issues c guy

  3. bakit naiisip ko S and M

    1. Hala ako rin. Meek kasi personality ni girl. :(

  4. Red flag. Better run girl.

    1. if it's S and M medyo too late. Married na

    2. to late if she'll let it pass this time cause no one can tell what tomorrow will bring. So what if he's not the man she thought to be, it can still be fixed if she'll do the right thing.......submit the guy to a therapy

  5. IT- K and UP- J ? Live in pa lang e

  6. Not S and M. S has the most flexible working schedule this pandemic, nakakapagbake, bakasyon, plantita eme pa nga ang ghagha tapos may early work time, wag ako cheret
    pati anong connect ng N at D mga mamsh kung S and M?



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