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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Drunk Tales

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Taking a break from their showbiz commitments, female friends went on a private drinking spree to unwind. The friends started sharing stories and laughing at their misadventures. They talked about their lives and relationships. Soon, the alcohol took effect and the friends started revealing untold stories.

One friend shared the sizes and performances of her partners, as well as who smelled best and worst. Similarly, other friend kidded about the rituals male colleagues go through to maintain their physique and looks. Sometimes, they were more meticulous than women. Third Friend (TF) seemed to have nothing interesting to share, but after a few more rounds, she started delving into unknown territory.

TF revealed that during one of her ventures, she was distraught and took comfort in the company of a Woman Traveler (WM). Their sweet innocent moment turned deeply physical and they repeated the encounter a few more times. Upon hearing the story, the other friends snapped out of their tipsiness and teased TF, who then said she might reconsider her preference. Then, they further teased her by saying that TF might try to taste them while they slept. The night went on, but nothing happened, except for storytelling and drinking. These days, TF already knows what she’s looking for and seems content with her choice.

‘What joy to fully know and feel the bond of true friendship.’ − Jaye L. Knight

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  1. feelingera naman mga friends ni TF, layuan mo yan.

    1. Ha? Kamote ka din eh no, yan p talaga naisip mo.

  2. Let them be12:17..whatever float their boat ok?!

  3. OMG... da hu si tibo-dou?

  4. 1st & 2nd friend: B & K
    TF: A
    WT: G

    Row 1 hahaha

    1. Clue naman dyan, klassmeyt! Row 5 ako ngayon, next to the bunot, huhubelles...

  5. K

    Tulog na mga besh. 😂😂

  6. A K B din naiisip ko. but sino si TF?

  7. TF si parinig palaging bigo sa mga lalaki



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