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Sunday, September 20, 2020

True Friendship

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The clichés in showbiz circles are about good friends being hard to find and personalities are merely hypocrites, waiting for the opportunity to crush even so-called friends. However, a young breed of entertainers seems to have moved beyond the clichés.

Sometime ago, two young celebrities found themselves in the midst of a misunderstanding that did not escape their fans. The gap between the two was projected even in their professional appearances. Before their relationship could be totally destroyed, Young Entertainer 1 (YE1) and Young Entertainer 2 (YE2) made amends and restored their friendship. Management was happy, of course.

YE1 and YE2 proved that real friendship can indeed be found even in showbiz. Their circle expanded and other celebrities have joined in. The best part is that all of them realized that depth of their friendship and the value of relationships.

When one of them had to deal with an issue, the circle of friends knew what to do. Instead of adding to the pressure, the friends protected each other and everyone kept quiet. No one posted anything that could lead to speculations. When a cover-up was needed, they did not hesitate. Personal issues, such as living together with a significant other or finding a new love, were never hinted at in any of the social media accounts of the friends. For them, each one’s secret should be protected until revelation time comes.

‘Secrets could never be rushed. They had to come of their own accord, on their own schedule. That way, when they came, they offered themselves as a gift.’ ― Donna Jo Napoli

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  1. J &J. friendship goals! pero confirmed nga nag-live in together with their significant other. sabagay uso na ngayon, it's 2020 na! :)

  2. Si E at M pinagtatakpan si J! Lahat KaF.

  3. Tunay na magkaibigan marunong magtago ng baho/lihim ng isat isa sa ibang tao.

    1. Sana all! Yung iba kasi gagamitin pang bala laban sayo.

    2. Ayy sinabi mo pa, ang daming backstabber. Pagkasama mo ang chummy chummy sa harap mo, pagtalikod na tinitira ka na pala, kung ano anong tsismis na.

  4. more clues please..hindi na ako nakpagreview

  5. J & J, both controversial

  6. K & P, diba recently parang nagbabalikan sila kuno? For me it's a cover up.



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