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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Horizontal Acting

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During an informal dinner conversation, Production Insider (PI) praised Seasoned Actress (SA) for the work she did for their project. PI was very grateful that SA accepted the role even if she had misgivings with a Fellow Talent (FT). Allegedly, SA was not comfortable working with FT.

As the conversation deepened, SA admitted that she took on the role, even if she knew she would suffer in scenes with FT, because she owed much to the production. Over the years of being in the industry and various acting assignments, FT’s skills have not at all convinced SA. Their project proved SA’s fear. At a certain point, SA wanted her character killed off to avoid having to adjust to the not-so impressive acting skills of FT. SA knew that she can overwhelm FT in their scenes and thus, she had to adjust and endure.

Meanwhile, SA gave accolades to Another Talent (AT), whom she saw shine during their scenes. SA was optimistic that AT can overshadow FT in the acting league soon. SA lamented that FT’s acting skills remained horizontal from the beginning to the end of their project. SA did not see any improvement with FT’s cringey acting skills.

As SA was sharing her views, PI smiled and gave a surprising remark. PI said that the producers were thinking of casting SA in a new project with FT. Filming will start as soon as guidelines are implemented. SA laughed and said that PI was torturing her with the offer. Nonetheless, SA turned down the project, as she wanted to rest from FT’s acting. Besides, she felt FT drained all her acting juices and she needed to recharge.

‘Acting is not being emotional, but being able to express emotion.’ ― Kate Reid

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  1. Replies
    1. sinong M ng kaH?

      pasensya na po, hindi ko talaga kilala.

    2. Hater ka lng ni M. Obviously,this is a ts. Wala nmang ts c M.

  2. SA-E
    FT-K (no hate on her, but I think she's better with romcom)

    1. Parang love na love naman ni E si K, pinagtanggol pa nga sa basher e.

  3. Replies
    1. same tayo hula baks!! hahaha.. walang pagbabago talaga ang pag arte ni FT! pabebe foreves! hahaha!

  4. SA - D
    FT - B
    AT - K

  5. Natawa ako kay SA, as in lol 🤣, na burn out kay FT sa pagkabano umarte. Humaygas! K nman kasi wlang pagbabago. Maski taghirap ayaw na talaga ni SA. Grabe cgro stress dinanas nya while shooting. Lol

  6. This time tamang tama yung K. Lol. K&_. Lol.
    E, then Y. Pansiom ko ngang magaling si Y talaga.

  7. SA - E FT - K AT - Y. Walang pinag-bago sa acting ni FT, ganoon na ganoon pa rin. Kaya nilalamon siya sa mga eksena niya with SA at AT.

  8. Hmmmm ????

    B and C tama ba FP?👌



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