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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Quiet Revenge

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Like public service, being part of the entertainment and media industry is a commitment to fans and followers. Celebrities feel they owe the public their services. Without support, celebrities would not have gained their reputation, fame, and finances. While rivalry seems to be glaring to the public, the opposite is true behind the scenes. Unless a public fight or painful debate ensued, most celebrities are bonded with each other at the personal level.

When Businessman Personality (BP) realized he was about to lose his first love, he alerted his friends. Although BP could retire from the limelight, his commitment to his craft is deep and he cannot just leave his followers behind. Familiar Friend (FF) responded to BP’s request, which was not surprising, as they began their careers at the same time, but went on separate ways. FF assured BP that he’ll work for his case with the bosses.

Time was running out and BP received and accepted the disappointing news. BP had to move on. What BP did not know was that A Kin (AK) asked around why negotiations failed. AK had an insider bestie, who revealed the shocker – FF blocked BP’s application, instead of fulfilling his promise. AK felt betrayed as BP and FF were like brothers. AK was so infuriated that revenge reverberated.

AK knew where to hit FF and set the plot in motion. With reputation at stake, the higher ups allegedly called up FF to fix the mess. Meanwhile, BP was clueless as to what AK allegedly did and FF remained chill, as he was left in the dark why such happened.

‘Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.’ ― Mineko Iwasaki

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