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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Not Only Talent

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Prior to the pandemic, network celebrities were often invited for company shows. Management knows that employees look forward to performances of famous talents. By keeping employees happy, company productivity improves.

While performances highlight major company activities, the audience usually looked forward to the interaction with the guest performers. Off-stage actions after the song or dance number mattered to employees. For diversity and depending on budget constraints, companies invited talents coming from various networks and talent agencies. Hence, employees were able to compare the behavior of talents coming from certain networks.

Accordingly, talents from A Network (AN) were accommodating to audience requests for photo ops. After their onstage numbers, AN talents had no hesitations in posing with employees and other people for photos. By contrast, talents from the Other Network (ON) behaved differently. During their numbers, ON’s talents were so sweet and appealing to the audience. Screams and applause showing appreciation were deafening. Thus, ON’s talents seemed to be more popular than AN’s bunch while doing their numbers on the stage.

Behind the scenes, things were highly different. For example, ON’s homegrown Versatile Talent (VT) immediately exited and refused to approach the audience after his performance, which was the opposite when he stood on stage. Security personnel were quick to block anyone approaching VT for possible selfies the moment he stepped down. Fans were left disappointed at the way they were treated and wondered why they even supported VT in his comeback shows. They were treated like outsiders during an opportunity to be close to their idol. Nonetheless, the more popular ON talents, who have been in the business long enough, know the importance of mingling with fans on and off stage. Such considerate behavior has, of course, added to their staying power and keeping fans loyal.

‘Character is expressed through our behavior patterns, or natural responses to things.’ − Joyce Meyer

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  1. Replies
    1. At 12:14 Si A ang pinakasikat sa network nila ngayon and the biggest star in his generation no doubt about that pero siya rin ang PINAKAMABAIT sa mga fans kaya nga on and off cam puro good words lagi maririnig mo about him.

    2. 2:04 Biggest star of his generation? This is the biggest joke of the year.

  2. Of course kaF talent ito. Sila ang sikat pero ang yayabang.

  3. hay mga kf yan...mga feeling high and mighty kasi sila noon. now the reckoning had come... nganga sila ngayon kahit yang nasa BI now

  4. Ewan ba sa mga tao, binibig deal mga artista. Kung tutuusin, mas higit pa ang mga fans. Karamihan naman sa mga yan, maledukado.

  5. I think not because they feel high and mighty, syempre risky din to be surrounded by crowd. Di naman lahat dyan fans, yung iba gustong makalapit sa artista with mallice.



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