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Sunday, September 20, 2020

No More

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Hopefully, when operations reach an acceptable new normal, the effort of Talented Actor (TA) to keep careers afloat will be remembered. Sometime ago, TA participated in a project with Network Celebrity (NC). The project aimed to spice up alternative viewing while, at the same time, address the clamor of fans who sorely missed their partnership.

Much was expected from the project. TA and NC cooperated, as both showed humility and excitement in drumming up interest for the project. Things were threshed out and the project seemed on its way to becoming a hit. Reality came and the project showed disappointing results. TA took the result as his responsibility, while NC has moved on and not much has been heard from her.

The grapevine has been buzzing about the behind the scenes of the two. While TA has been exerting his effort to protect NC, she has chosen to be with Love Interest (LI). The possibility of TA and NC together thinned out. Hence, the fans of TA and NC had to tone down their excitement.

Meanwhile, NC’s camp sent a message to TA requesting for an online meeting with their fans. TA relayed that he had commitments for his new projects and endorsements and thus, could not make time. However, his inner circle knows that TA already wants to focus on going solo and avoid instances of being used again.

‘You can't always be nice. That's how people take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to set boundaries.’ − Ritu Ghatourey

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  1. J & J . User si ate girl

  2. TA-A
    good decision kay TA, ang toxic ni NC. wag ng alikan ng loveteam.

    1. wala nman new project sila A at M ah,may maihanash lang kay M?

    2. Hndi pwedeng ilabel c M as Network Celebrity.wala cyang kontrata sa network.

    3. Kailan naging network celebrity si M?

  3. Ndi ata J and J kc they have an upcoming project together

  4. @102 pinalabas na yun pero wala halos nanuod.

  5. Hindi to si J and J kasi di pa naman nagsisimula project nila hahaha. Pero sino kaya to?

  6. It’s not J and J they are ok to work together again

  7. kung j and j ito it only means j girl didnt have the intention of making ppl believe na may pag asa sila to be together again. She didnt want fans to think that at all. They were asked to do the project and she did it and thats it. Hindi ba napapagod si j boy na lahat ng kapartner nya kelangan palabasin na may something talaga? I thought theyve made it clear na ok friendship nila lol

  8. by "protecting" they mean paasa ulit sa fans at ifake ang relationship kahit alam naman ng lahat na tapos na talaga? HAHHAHA

  9. Malabong si M & A kasi yung TA naman ang mahilig magpaasa, kada project pa lalo na nung hindi pa sikat. Baka J and J nga ito!

  10. 2:43 ayan na naman ang makalumang comment hahaha



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