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Sunday, September 13, 2020

No Denying

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Casting Sensitive Actor (SA) and Youthful Talent (YT) in a project was viewed with cynicism. After all, SA has more experience than YT, who is considered by the production team as someone who might be worthy of a break. With the pandemic and everyone scrambling for work, no one complained and the project rolled.

The project was marketed as a trailblazer and many onlookers wondered if SA would have had qualms as a part of the cast. The production team was surprised at the attention SA gave to YT. Some observed that he seemed to be sweet at YT, and he was taking photos of YT often.

Meanwhile, YT was enjoying the production and even agreed to do online promos with SA. YT was awkward at first given that SA was seasoned, while he still had much to learn. The production team noticed that the two were becoming comfortable with each other, which made the process easy.

One day, the production team found out that YT would often sleep at SA’s pad. Eyebrows were raised, as SA often stays away from talks about his alleged preferences. Gossip spreads fast and soon, people found out that the two had gone to a trip outside the city to relax and be with nature.

Thus, when SA and YT were physically close between takes, the production team no longer minded as they were already thinking of something else between the two. Luckily, the project was well-received and the possibility of a next one was not remote. SA and YT were told to keep the interest in them, as they might be together again.

‘Whatever he had found, it made him a better person. Maybe that's what love was, finding the person who brings out the best in you and eliminates the worst.’ ― Diana Holquist

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  1. SA-T

    mas worthy nga ng break si YT. Haha

  2. A & D kaH. Happy Labour Day!

  3. SA - T YT - J First honor ako dito

  4. SA - T YT - J. Mas nagagalingan ako kay YT.

  5. alam na this!
    hmmm more please FP!
    more chika about kay YT and SA!

  6. Been noticing there's this hater of A from Kah as he keeps on mentioning A.

  7. Love it! Akala ko nung una si SA-T lang ang di straight, si Yt-J din pala.

  8. their straight po more than rulers, wag bigyan ng malicia dahil beshies sila, meron nga abs eh

  9. YT - J SA - T. So di nagworkout sina T & A. Well, ang lucky ni J!

  10. SA has a girlfriend...

    1. Rumored girlfriend po. let's just wish for their happiness towards self discovery, wag ng maging toxic, kinikilig naman tayo eh.



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