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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Moving Day

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Soon, answers to what will happen to displaced celebrities will be clear. While rumors are loud that certain personalities are leaving, the movement has become interesting. The movement is unavoidable as contracts are in limbo.

First, Versatile Talent (VT) will soon be facing former colleagues on a daily basis. VT’s noontime show will indeed be up against formidable foes. In connection with VT, his Close Buddy (CB), whose name has already landed in publications as another possible moving talent, seeks the approval of his supposed new management for hiring his former staff. The big boss has yet to respond to this thoughtful request of CB. Where he goes, he takes his team.

Second, comedy will not be far behind. Allegedly, the comedy team is moving as well. If true, taping is set in the middle of the month on a popular island. A gag show and a sitcom will have new slots in their new network.

Third, Sundays will not be left out. Renowned Beauty (RB), Controversial Actor (CA), and Award-winner Actor (AW) will challenge the Sunday teams of the two networks. RB is under a different management team, and thus, her leaving would not generate much controversy. CA and AW have asked permission to leave and having no contracts and everything hanging in the air, they were let go without fuss. Meanwhile, that should explain why CA always passes whenever he’s asked to show up, as he’s moving, too. However, what was shocking is the head of the new program. A Pillar (AP) of the closed network will be joining RB, CA, and AW, and show to viewers why he’s a respected personality in the industry.

However, not all prime artists are following the above celebrities. Two homegrown talents refused to leave. Singer Actress 1 (SA1) is staying loyal. Singer Actress 2 (SA2) was not interested in moving. SA1 and SA2 have been involved in various recent life and love controversies.

The coming days will surely spice up free TV viewing. The competition will be set with a new home, production teams, and tested talents. Will these talents be able to bring their followers to their new shows?

‘My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It's happened before, it will happen again, I'm sure. When someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive--I'll find love again.’ ― Paulo Coelho

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  1. In a way what happened is a blessing in disguise for entertainment industry. Creative talents will be distributed evenly. Competition is taken back to a level playing field unlike before when closed station is lording it over everyone else.

    1. Di rin parang tinatamad na nga sila dahil wala ng competition. Di rin kasalanan nang station kung nasa kanila ang top talents kasi sila lang ang magaling mag market at consistent ang movie outlet nila. May movie Queens at Kings sila at teleserye royalties.

    2. How true 1:21. What is sad is that other networks will reap the harvest of the defunct network's labor.

  2. SA1-A VT-B CB-L AP-M Ang hirap ng OL quiz ni FP, nahilo ko sa dami.

  3. VT B
    CB - L
    CA - P
    AW- J

    Yan lang nahulaan ko

  4. I somewhat agree with 1:13. Sana maibalik na yung kahit sinong artista eh pwedeng magpalipat lipat ng network. Walang harangan para happy lang.

    1. Please understand kung bat may exclusive contract:
      Kung ang isang network, papasikatin ka, magiinvest sila sa PR, projects kung ano ano pa. Imagine kung napasikat ka, tapos pede ka sa lahat ng stations, ung audience na dapat sa network mo lang kakalat sya.

      Parang empleyado din sila, di pedeng sa lahat ng kumpanya eh tatanggapin ka at magtratrabaho. Kasi ung dapat na bayad na oras mo eh hahatiin mo sa lahat ng pinagtratrabahuhan mo.

    2. Hindi ba ginagawa rin nila ang marketing para kumita sila? Pinagtrabahuhan din naman nila. Kaya nga dapat tigilan na ang mga palabas na masyadong dumidepende sa pangalan ng artista. Content is the king dapat.

    3. I so agree with @4:28 . Also, I am for exclusive contracts. It makes competition even tougher because shows and talents will try to outperform rivals. Kung lahat merry go around lang, walang ka thrill thrill, hindi ka excited makita kasi kahit saan naman puwede lumabas. There is a tendency to be complacent ang mga network at mga artista, whereas, if they have a contract they will all make sure they get their money's worth - creating the best to get the bigger share of the audience, ad placements, etc.

    4. Okay lang yung talent agency pero sana wag itali sa iisang network. Tulad sa korea.

    5. I disagree 4:28 and 12:48. I grew up watching shows from all networks, back when there were no exclusive contracts for stars. Stars back then get famous because of their skills, and not just because the network chooses to make them famous.

    6. I agree 7:47, para na rin nilang inamin na puro hype lang ang kasikatan ng artista these days.

  5. Try lang po: Vt = b Cb = L Gagshow = s Hirap nung sunday shows, intriguing ung pillar celeb Ung singer actresses di ko din alam. Patulong



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