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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Lesson In Humility

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Career twists can be unpredictable. One moment, the anonymity of a person can disappear in a second. The sudden visibility in endorsements, entertainment pages, social media, and various television shows can change one person’s movement. One can no longer walk into a public place without being approached for selfies. Behavior has to be mindful to avoid misinterpretation of watchful eyes.
The good side is that celebrity status can open other doors. For example, social media channels can become popular and businesses can be established. Fans can be curious and give the clicks to the celebrity-owner, who is also the best endorser of his/her products. However, no one knows how long the top status can last. One bad performance in a project or a viral video showing negative behavior can make the mighty fall.
Such is the story of Network Actor (NA). As soon as he reached what he thought was the pinnacle of his career, people noticed that NA seemed to have changed. He would have bodyguards whenever he went to malls or the supermarket. NA feared being mobbed by fans. Allegedly, his contracts were negotiated with high terms, but NA was a top endorser and he knew it. Word spread among talent agencies about his negative attitude. However, even with few endorsements, NA was not bothered as he invested most of his earnings in various businesses.
When NA’s career project did not perform as expected, he was treated like other talents in a similar situation. NA’s career was put on hold. With his dwindling popularity as a result of lack of projects, NA had his businesses to rely on. Then, the pandemic greatly affected his businesses. The return on investment was not viable. Although NA asked his team to find endorsements, companies were not prioritizing marketing. Even network projects for him were difficult to find these days. People who knew about his situation could not help but comment that NA drowned in a glass of water during the times when humility should have prevailed.
‘Nothing is more deceitful," said Darcy, "than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast.’ ― Jane Austen
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  1. Replies
    1. no, may new series sya.dalawa pa nga

    2. not A. may 4 tv shows sya at new hindi sya nagba-bodyguard sa personal na lakad nya.

    3. Si A ang pinakasikat at pinaka maraming endorsements even during the pandemic at lahat ng fans and nakatrabaho niya always only have good words for him kaya sobrang layo niya sa blind item.

    4. 1:16, not D. He has incoming projects, 4 are already announced. And he’s at the moment working with two of those. And wala din yan bodyguards sa personal na lakad nya.

  2. Not A. Sabi career was put on hold. Si A nga pinavisible at pinakamaraming projects sa network nila. AT saka wala yang bodyguard pag pumunta ng mall o supermarket. Handler or PA lang ang kasama

  3. R ng KaF

    sayang paborito ko pa naman siya dati

  4. J KaF yung may business

  5. This is J not R. Mabait si R plus may projects and endorsements pa siya.

  6. Sa nagsasabing si R ito, no accommodating siya. Sabi may failed project so this is J.

  7. Si J ito! Mayaman na siya though.

  8. J. May mga hawi boys ito. Saw him before.

  9. J na puro canceled ang projects ito.



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