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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Insta Scoop: Melissa Ricks Shares How Finding God Brought Her to Michael Macatangay

Images courtesy of Instagram: mellyricks09


  1. I love it when people credits "GOD" when they find that someone. Sinisisi nyo rin ba si "GOD" when the relationships goes bad? :) You made the choice, "GOD" has nothing to do with your choices in life girl.

    1. God said, "ask and you shall receive." Give God some credit, girl. With Him, nothing is impossible.

    2. @1:20, if you keep looking for a "SIGN", you will eventually see it. Just like looking for a green car in your area. If you try hard finding one, eventually you will see one.

    3. Good points 1:00. I agree. Though I like reading love stories like this, nawalan na ako ng gana looking for a life partner. Hindi lang dasal yan eh. Kelangan din umeffort and to put yourself out there. Pero wala. Then I realized maybe the married life is not meant for me. Na necessary ba talagang mag asawa ako in order to feel complete? I don't think so anymore. Sorry just needed to share.

  2. That’s really sweet. They look good together :)

  3. Umm, law of attraction?



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