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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Unwanted Attention

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When Celebrity Actor (CA) and Known Personality (KP) were starting out, stakeholders noticed their chemistry and immediately produced projects to see if their partnership could translate into profitable investments. The stakeholders who gambled on the two were lucky, as CA and KP turned into a loveteam that amassed fans. Moreover, the two became a real couple, which delighted their followers more. However, like most loveteams, they hit the plateau and had to separate ways personally and professionally.

As years passed, CA and KP matured and had their relationships. Although both pursued their careers with different lead partners, loyal fans hoped that the two would reunite. Such an idea seems far-fetched as they are now worlds apart.

One day, KP was having a fun family gathering. Then, she noticed a man was standing in front of her home. What alarmed her was the appearance of the said man. He was wearing boxer shorts and slippers, and had no top on. Then, he started creating noise to make KP come out of her home. The helpers were shocked, as they had no idea who the man was and he looked like he was not in shape intellectually. However, they realized he might also be known, as he managed to enter the village.

When KP realized who the man was, she felt scared, as the man might do something uncalled for. She immediately called the security personnel. The guards arrived and asked the man to leave. He left without fuss, which made his stunt seem like he was tripping on KP. The man was CA, someone KP would rather keep in her past and might not have any part in her present and future.

‘Nobody should feel like they can force themselves into your life how it suits them when it's toxic and unwanted.’ − Jessica Origliasso

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