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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Second Chance

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One lesson in life is to anticipate all possibilities and always have Plan A and Plan B in case, the former is doomed. For a major project Lively Personality (LP) made sure to have planned every detail to make her show interesting. From production designers, director, and staff, LP only signed up the best the budget could afford. Outside of her production, she signed up with other parties that could lead to inviting guests or talents easily and increase her media mileage.

For Plan A, LP contacted Notable Insider (NI) to broker for her possible appearance in a network. With the pandemic, the schedule of networks is not as tight and LP thought the network could indulge her. NI presented her seven-digit fee, which was nothing new, as LP knows nothing is done free these days. LP released the fee and remained positive that negotiations will be successful. After some time, LP asked NI how things were going. She then received bad news. Plan A did not work, as the network was not interested in selling timeslots to blocktimers. LP asked for a meeting with higher management, but the bosses were not interested to meet.

Preparations could not go to waste and Plan B was rolled out. LP reached out to the head of another network. A Boss (AB) said that the proposal of LP would still have to be consulted with the management team. Later, LP followed up AB, but he could not be reached. An insider whispered that a Head of the Network (HN) felt bypassed. LP should have contacted him and AB directly. Thus, HN felt insulted and the management seemed unwelcoming of her possible presence.

LP was persistent and formally presented her plan for her show. She even offered to do a related project without charge. Finally, AB relented and told the management team to give LP a chance. Thus, things are not yet over and fingers are crossed.

‘People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings.’ − David Millar

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