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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Hurry Up

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Long hours of trips can sometimes bring the unexpected and the weariness of travel into a wonderful experience. Sometime ago, Network Actor (NA) did not realize that his joining a friend in travel could result in controversy. As soon as his management found out he went on a trip, NA received a phone call asking him to explain why he took off without properly informing his bosses. NA reasoned out that he was with a friend and that his trip should not be such a big issue. Nonetheless, his management was unhappy at his decision.

Stress took its toll on NA, as he had no idea what waited for him when he goes back to his network. Thus, he shared his apprehension with the other people in the team and they talked about possible actions to take in case NA gets reprimanded. To relieve his stress, NA turned to drinking to calm him down. A Male Member (MM) of the team joined him and they continued to drink, even if the other team members have gone to bed for an early trip back home in the morning.

As the sun was starting to rise, the team members were already preparing their stuff. One Member (OM) noticed that NA and MM were still not around. OM proceeded to the room, where they left the two drinking. When the door opened, another companion was shocked to see the two naked and NA hugging MM. OM did not have time to be shocked as they had to leave immediately, and thus woke up the two. When NA realized his scene, he started explaining that the night was too hot, which was why they stripped down. OM was unmoved and told them to hurry up, as they have another trip to take. OM probably realized that NA had a very happy night after all.

‘Happy endings are best achieved by keeping the right doors locked.’ ― Margaret Atwood

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