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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Misbehaving Member

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Forming groups is a strategy that has led to acquiring fans and showcasing talents of potential celebrities. While strict adherence to the vision of the group is required, members manage to outshine others with their style and talent. Being a member also requires another factor that is often ignored, that is, behavior.

Boy band members are required to behave, as any scandal can affect the reputation of the whole group. Even if the one who is involved in controversy is removed, the other members remain in question. The worst scenario is disbandment and the eventual end of one’s dreams. Apparently, A Member (AM) of a young local boy band, which has made a name in various media avenues, has disregarded such a possibility.

Some time ago, AM found out a Pretty Fan (PF) was on vacation in the country. PF comes from another country and is unfamiliar with how certain local celebrities conduct themselves via private messages. When AM and PF contacted each other, AM allegedly wanted to go to the hotel of PF. However, PF replied that he should take her around, as she had a hunch as to what could possibly happen if they are alone in her hotel room.

As the messages continued, AM allegedly asked PF for something explicit, but only via cam. PF was not swayed even if she were a fan and turned down the request of AM. Her action thus prevented a possible scandal that could have taken advantage of a fan’s innocence.

‘All bad behavior is really a request for love, attention, or validation.’ ― Kimberly Giles

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