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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Courageous Act

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Debts must be paid to remain in good credit standing. However, for most notable personalities, debts have to met to avoid scandal, and that means being dragged into the headlines. Fearing loss of reputation and name, Enterprising Personality (EP) had to think of ways to pay off her loan immediately.

EP is among the few talents of the local industry who dare to venture into businesses. Knowing the risk in establishing a business, EP is also aware of the possible rate of return if she finds the right combination. When she started her business venture, EP was successful, which could have been her motivation to pursue other business interests. Sadly, her ventures have not been doing well and had to be closed.

With not so many projects in sight, EP had to rely on her businesses to support her lifestyle. As the business was not doing well, EP had to borrow from A Businessman friend (AB). The thing is, EP could not pay back her loan and AB was growing impatient. Allegedly, AB’s family found out about the said load and they called out his attention. Not wanting to increase the tension in the family, AB had to hurry up EP, or else.

EP frantically reached out to her friends, but none was helpful. She tried calling Businessman Politician (BP) for possible loan. BP is known to be generous to women he fancies. EP thought she might still be in his interest. She was wrong. BP was too busy in his many responsibilities that EP’s calls were all unanswered.

Desperate, EP had an idea of reaching out to Influential Insider (II), whom she knows has the power to give her a source of income. EP called her friends to ask when she can find II and she was given a site. EP went to II and he welcomed her. She then narrated her sad state and even raised the possibility of what will happen to her child if she gets enmeshed in a legal case over her unpaid debt.

II, with his generous heart, continued to listen. EP then quoted a hefty sum that she wanted to borrow from II. EP offered her acting talent in exchange for a role in a project. Then, she requested to make her character appear long enough to ensure that she would pay her debt to II. After hearing the story, II allegedly wrote a cheque.

Seeing the cheque and feeling relieved that II saved her, EP allegedly took his hand and placed it on her breast. She seemed to allow II to mash her chest, as she said that she can even work for her initial repayment at that moment. II immediately pulled back his hand and told EP to just work for her repayment.

A few days later, EP received a call slip and now she can breathe a sigh of relief as II has indeed saved her reputation.

‘I am of certain convinced that the greatest heroes are those who do their duty in the daily grind of domestic affairs whilst the world whirls as a maddening dreidel.‘ – Florence Nightingale

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  1. A
    ka-F. manigas kayo kakahula. akelya lang makakageylak nitey.

  2. Hula ko rin si A, may similar BI na ito a few months back na nag ooffer din sya ng sexual favors to somebody in exchange of extension ng loan, pero tinanggihan sya. Kaloka si bakla.

  3. Not A dahil okay ang business nya. sino kaya?

    1. it’s not ok,may partners sya kaya baon sa utang na talaga,no projects pa.

  4. Guess lang EP is R of KaH. BP is P and II is D.

  5. Abangers na lang ako sa show ni II- C at pag may new character... alam na.

  6. nakakaloka ung may pag touchy-touch desperate moves c ateh gurl haha

  7. Grabe, spill the tea na mga bes

  8. Mabait talaga yang si C. Pero sinetch si A?

  9. Gets q na..
    II-C-bilib din aq kay C hindi mapagsamantala.



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