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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Bye, All

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When Female Celebrity (FC) needed support for a major project, she thought she could rely on old friends to help her pull through a difficult situation. Sadly, she realized too late who among her friends can be there for her in reality and not just in statements said out loud in public.

FC was in the midst of preparing for a major endeavor when she received word that Trusted Personality (TP) had to back out at the last minute. FC could not really do anything to prevent TP, as he already had other commitments. FC had to think fast, as lost time means lost productivity.

FC, however, would not let TP’s going as an excuse to slacken and thus, she contacted Valued Guy (VG). At one point, FC and VG were quite close, as they moved in the same circle. Unfortunately, the direction of their lives and priorities put a stop and both realized that their wavelengths were not synchronized. Nonetheless, FC was optimistic that VG would not let her down. He did.

VG thumbed down the request of FC and excused himself by saying that a major network had already made him commit to a project. He stressed that he will prioritize that over anything else. His response was a major let down and FC could only shake her head. All the while, she thought VG would be the answer to her problem. Again, she could not do anything much to change the mind of VG, as he would be working with a dream teamup.

When the times seemed desperate, FC could not think of other people to approach. To her delight, Previous Associate (PA) entered the picture. Working from one project to another, PA did not mind the tight schedule as in front of him was work. For any smart actor during times when producers can be picky, work is never turned down. PA was intelligent enough to value practical means over pride. So, he agreed and signed up. FC sighed, as things could finally move.

Alas, circumstances were not in her favor. A major decision came through and the project FC had dreamt of doing had received a major blow. Everything was dropped and that meant that the goodwill of PA went down the drain. FC felt a bit depressed over the turn of events, as she had to bid farewell. However, FC rises above her predicaments and rumors have it that she’s asking her connections to pitch in a good word for her so she can be seen more often on air.   

‘Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.’ – Tena Desae

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  2. K, D, G di ko knows 'yung PA

  3. Hahaha si K, D and G.. atleast alam ko ang B.I n ito. Makakatulog n good night FP at sa mga klasmeyts ko dto haha

    1. Hoy matulog Ka na. Kanina ka pa K ng K. Di sila yan. Kse nag start na raw yung isa kaso pinatigil.

    2. KaH or kaF? More clues please!

  4. FC-K, TP-H, VG-D and P- G.. ok good night! Perfect score haha

  5. PA is G who is VG

  6. Kawawa naman si ate. Oh well madami naman syang datung diba?

  7. Naglampaso na kayong lhat this is girl is B, hunk D and not so hunk any more J

  8. FC-K
    Sure na!

  9. ang hina ng utak košŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚



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