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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Major Concern

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As long as Powerful Executive (PE) is in the network, Undecipherable Actress (UA) would always have many opportunities in projects PE and his team would plan. However, UA is not an easy talent to deal with. If it were not for the influence of PE, UA would not have a career with the network.

Carefully thinking of how to engineer a project fitting for UA, PE planned for her to take things slowly prior to the big project. Thus, UA was given a schedule for a guesting in a popular show. The production staff knew about UA’s attitude but they remained optimistic that UA could have changed, as she was doing an important role. When UA arrived, the staff felt the air was still there and UA exuded an attitude that she was still a big star. The staff remained professional. While waiting for her scenes, UA stayed in her tent and slept the hours away. One time, the staff tried to wake her up, as she was already needed. It took many minutes for her to wake up and everyone on the set had to wait until she got her bearings.

During another taping day, the staff noticed that UA seemed to be in a hurry to leave. She said she had to pick up her kids in about an hour. The staff was not informed, but they could not do anything much, as UA had already left. Patience prevailed.

Finally, the last day of taping arrived, but UA was nowhere in sight. Everything was prepared and the cameras were about to roll, but UA still had not given any advice. The staff called her and UA was crying on the other end. They could not understand her. Thinking UA might be having a depressive moment, the staff called PE, who has acted like a father to UA. They were worried as UA might not be in her right mind. Immediately, PE called UA and was shocked because UA was laughing her heart out.

PE asked if something was up and UA said that her pet had just given birth and the offspring was too cute to describe. UA said that she was just waiting for an expert to check on her pets. PE heaved a sigh of relief knowing that UA was fine after all. PE called the staff and they were shocked at the different response of UA. However, PE knows UA too well and he was no longer surprised. In his mind, he believed his staff told the truth.

Meanwhile, PE is worried that UA might have her mood spells while doing her big project. The cost is projected to be high, as shooting will be overseas. If UA shifts her mood during the tight schedule, additional costs can be incurred. What is uncertain is the box-office result. Although UA has fans, they do not guarantee anything. Thus, prior to starting that project, PE intends to have a heart to heart talk with UA and let her know that the project is her last ticket. If she messes it up, PE might no longer have the capacity to grant her one more chance.

‘I have learned that you need to have patience, perseverance, and faith in people to reach your goals.’ -- Richarlison

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  1. Ang attitude naman neto hmmmm. Was a big star and may mga anak. Sinetch iteey ?

  2. Replies
    1. B ng KaF? May mga anak ansabe, Te.

    2. Mali ka baks wala pang offspring si B. Sa likod ka muna

  3. UA pls wag mong sayangin.

  4. Replies
    1. Baliktad. UA - M and PE - C.

    2. I think this is C as well.

  5. Meh, fire her. Problem solved.

  6. Feeling niya kasi she's still the big star and still the queen... Hindi pa siguro nagsi sink in sa kanya na her time is way long over due.

    1. wala naman sinabi na she's the queen of the network and besides walang aso yun queen na sinasabi mo.. throwing shades eh?



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