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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Bad Judgment

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The friendship between two highly talented personalities seems to be on the rocks these days because of a joke that offended the other. Although Talented Personality 1 (TP1) and Talented Personality 2 (TP2) are close, their friendship is not for public fare. TP1 and TP2 have a deep friendship that began even before they achieved fame.

Unlike TP1, TP2 is not comfortable about talks on sexuality. Anyone who dares mention sexual orientation or any other related term in front of him can expect cold shoulder treatment. His public image is so important to him that any insinuation about orientation will be met with harsh words or long-term ignoring. He will even cut ties if he feels like it. By contrast, TP1 is more open-minded and sexuality is an issue that he has put behind him and people have accepted him for his choice.

Allegedly, the two share activities that TP2 will not want to be caught doing. Together, they would get bookings in the local scene or ever overseas in the past. They also have an understanding that they would not post anything about their adventures in social media, and thus, the public would have a hard time believing that the two are close.

By coincidence, TP1 and TP2 were scheduled at the same event. At the backstage, TP1 was being interviewed. TP2 was a few feet away, as he was waiting to perform. One of the interviewees asked TP1 who would be his choice for a role in a comedy gay movie sequel. Candidly, TP1 blurted out TP2. The press people around TP1 laughed and someone said that TP2 would do well as he does not have to exert effort. Again, more laughter ensued.

TP2 heard the entire exchange, and predictably, he felt offended. As he was no longer in the mood, he excused himself and left. He said that he was too sick to perform and his number no longer pushed through. At that point, no one knew what triggered TP2’s sudden reaction. TP1 could not say much, but he realized he might have caused TP2’s walking out. Nonetheless, he did not say anything to the press.

TP1 apologized to TP2. However, TP2 no longer talked to him. TP1 knew the one thing that could offend TP2 and still, he did not control his mouth. That statement, which seemed to be a joke, was taboo, as far as TP2 was concerned. Despite what happened, TP1 is still confident that TP2 will not be able to stand not talking to him for a long time. After all, he still does the booking and TP2 has an appetite that needs to be fed every so often.

‘‘Perfection’ is an illusion and we all make mistakes; you must allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes and bad judgements and glimmer wiser through them.’ – Christine Evangelou

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  1. TP2 - J
    TP1 - ? 🤔

  2. Replies
    1. Pag ganyang peg puro KAF yan

    2. 941 di rin. Hahaha, daming bi ng mga kah artists no. Grupo pa. 😂✌️

    3. M and A ang bagong K & X

    4. tard ka lang and hater. mali hula mo, dun ka sa row 4 mag floor wax!

  3. T and K KaF Tulog na kayo.

  4. TP1-P(KaH) TP2-J(KaF)
    Bye guys

  5. Either C or P si T1. Not sure kay T2.

  6. TP1 - P (KaH)
    TP2 - J (KaF)

  7. Clues pa please? Row 1014828 ako today!

  8. TP 1 - P ng KaH
    TP 2 - j ng KaF

    1. more clue plsss

    2. May tama ka haha si P ng KaH to at si J ng KaF

  9. Mahina talaga ako sa mga ganitong klaseng BI. Sisimulan ko na maglinis ng mga alikabok para maaga ako matapos. 😅

  10. I wonder who TP1 is, bastos nya ah, you dont do that to a friend, kahit ako si TP2 I'll stop talking to him too.

  11. TP1 - P
    TP2 - J


  12. TP1-P(kaH)

    para namang hindi halata si TP2 eh mas babaelyavpa nga siya ke TP1 eh.



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