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Friday, August 30, 2019

Dr. Vicki Belo Nominated in 2019 Influencer Awards Monaco

Image courtesy of Instagram: influencerawardsmonaco

We’re proud to announce that our very own Dr Vicki Belo has reached international influencer status!

Dr Belo was nominated in the Beauty Category by the Influencer Awards in Monaco. She’s also the only Filipina! As a nominee, Dr Belo gets the chance to share her story in front of other world influencers. 

This is testament that the Belo Medical Group is one step closer to it’s dream of making the Philippines one of the top destinations when it comes to aesthetic dermatology and surgery!

Dr Belo once said, “It has always been my dream to elevate the Philippines in my realm of influence. This I guess is one step towards that dream.”

To God be the glory.


  1. Wow! Congrats, Doctora!

  2. Nakarating sa Monacco ang galing ni Vicki Belo.Baka dyan din magkaroon ng branch.

  3. congrats! love ko si doktora, ambait at kwela rin. very nice ang aura.

  4. well number one talaga sya at ang belo when it comes sa beauty business

  5. Iba talaga ang gandang Belo! Congratulations Doctora! ❤️



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