Sunday, October 7, 2018

Knowing Thy Self

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These days, never would a day pass without a netizen calling out the rude behavior of a celebrity. Hence, the onslaught of comments would happen and the celebrity can either reply or ignore the reactions. One reply from a celebrity, however, can receive tens of reactions and the chain would not stop if the celebrity decides to spend time answering the netizens. Usually, negative comments are more common and some netizens even go to the extent of creating anonymous accounts just to get the goat of the celebrity.

As bashers can be persistent, celebrities have to be careful as to which reactions they should react to. One the one hand, some bashers will not let an issue go and continue to malign the celebrity. On the other hand, a celebrity can skillfully maneuver the flow of comments to make the basher apologize and convert to being a fan. Nonetheless, apologizing is important and makes a difference.

Sometime ago, New Talent (NT) was lambasted by a basher for a comment she made during an event. The basher wrote a long reply complete with threat that any show of NT would be boycotted and that her network was not worth watching. While NT obviously did not mean any harm, rather than express a sentiment that a normal person might feel at that moment, the basher did not see it that way.

An older celebrity would have replied with a long explanation as well and even give the basher a doze of his own medicine. However, NT merely apologized and that was the end of the story. As things seemed to be fine afterwards, people who knew her prior to signing up with the network are surprised at the attitude she showed in an incident. The humility ran contrary to the times when NT would be caught reprimanded her production assistant. People who had witnessed such attitude toward her assistants could not believe that NT is capable of admitting her fault. They know her as someone who would rather curse back than apologize. Perhaps times are changing and NT is seeing the value of being more positive in dealing with bashers.   

‘It isn't what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.’ ― Dale Carnegie

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  1. This is G. Naku naku naku

  2. Waiting for FPBI Scholars 😊

  3. THIS IS K NA KaH na mejo lookalike ni L sa KaF

    1. I thought K yung may rift daw with B. Both KaH.

  4. Naku ha starlet ka pa lang iha feeling na pala tong si K - NT. Nagagandahan pa namam ako sa.kanya

  5. So true to life pala ung role nya

  6. K of KaH na may show ngayon. At least, nagbago na. Sana totoo lang na nagbago na.



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