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Friday, October 26, 2018

Just Tired

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Whenever someone makes a comment in someone’s social media post, the reaction can either merely be for the sake of saying something or can be a sound and meaningful advice. However, regardless of the goal of the post, others will always give meaning to something that may or may not be meant.

Since the time Competent Actress (CA) started her social media account, her followers would be surprised with seemingly cryptic posts that seem to not have any context. Such posts seem to express disappointment, accusations, and other ill-feelings toward unidentified personalities. However, when CA is at her emotional peak, she often places names of people who have irked her. After which, CA would delete her posts as if nothing happened.

Lately, CA seems to be shying away from her fiery posts, which are feasted upon by netizens. She no longer posts anything about the love choices of her Favorite Target (FT). Observers noted that CA seems to have cooled down in dealing with FT. According to the grapevine, CA has indeed grown weary on reacting to FT’s heart matters. Apparently, she has accepted that CA is old enough to make decisions and be responsible for her lovelife.

As FT seems to be exploring much of her love interests, rumors have it that she has undergone quite a traumatic experience with a recent past lover. Allegedly, FT suffered certain abuse from someone in her past and those who have heard about such incident have wondered why CA did not even post about it.   

‘That strong mother doesn't tell her cub, Son, stay weak so the wolves can get you. She says, Toughen up, this is reality we are living in.’ – Lauryn Hill

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  1. CA-J, FT-A. Tahimik na nga si J now ha.

  2. NT=A Kaf, CA=J Kah. mga nakaka antok magsalita LOLs

  3. Akala ko yung isang J. ibang J pala, taga kaH ito na magulo mag post at si A Yun na!

  4. Ang baliw sa pag-ibig A!

  5. Ito yung masakit sa bangs mag post hahhaa J and A na laging pumapag ibig.

  6. More clues about J and A please

  7. CA= J FT= J then E is the past lover???

    1. no this is J A and E. J is miss nakakaantok magsalita.

  8. more clues mga kumars!!!!

  9. Sinetch itetch? Taga-floor wax ako today klasmeyts.

  10. Can be J A or J J, possible past, E or J for A, E for J. Kudos to the ladies, they chose to leave the cause of their miseries.

  11. NT=A Kaf CA=J KaH past lover is J. siyempre baka wala silang ma receive na support.



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