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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Just Understand Papa

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Given his quiet personality, which is sometimes interpreted as aloofness, Handsome Celebrity (HC) has always avoided questions about his love life. However, social media watchers are on the alert when it comes to his latest relationship, as HC is a highly desirable bachelor.

Over the years, HC’s relationships are always met with mixed reactions. Whenever online photos appear with HC and a female friend, the assumption is that he is in a relationship. Subsequently, haters hate but his followers encourage the new relationship. What is noticeable is that HC has had several girlfriends in a certain period, and the Latest One (LO) has not been spared from speculations.

When the photo of HC with LO appeared, netizens noticed the couple looked good together. Her youthful looks matched his boyish charm and given her background, the partnership seemed interesting and happiness was wished for the actor. Nonetheless, his friends were surprised at the change in HC.

Allegedly, LO has thumbed down certain friends of HC. She does not like them and she made that fact known to him. Whenever someone is in the process of going through a love life, friends are expected to understand the limitations of time, priorities, and other changes in friends who are in love. Thus, to avoid complications, the friends of HC did not make his life difficult. They allowed him to spend as much time with LO without making him feel guilty. Besides, these friends are not particularly fond of LO anyway.

HC, however, has minimized the time he spends with his friends to avoid upsetting LO. His friends are considerate and they know that HC is still searching for the right person to love and the one who can understand his personality. As to whether his relationship with LO will work toward forever, time can only tell. What is for sure is that his previous partners have long moved on and have found new lovers themselves.   

‘I have learned that friendship isn't about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side.’ – Yolanda Hadid

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  1. Replies
    1. Natawa naman ako. Ang layo!

    2. First honor ka na naman hahahaha

    3. Buhay ka pa teh?

    4. nabuhay si K and X. nasan kaya kapatid niya na si B and Z?

  2. P & S


  3. Kaf= HC - P Friend- S LO- non showbiz

  4. HC - P
    LO - S

    Bye mga baks! yung floorwax nasa ilalim ng aparador

  5. juzko, hanggang ngayon ba hindi nyo pa rin matanggap si HC, wag na umasa mga girlash. lol

    1. True. No girl will ever “understand his personality” unless she is willing to accept him for who he truly is.

  6. Row 4 ka Baks. Kunin mo ng walis. P and S.

  7. Tama yan HC. Sundin mu c LO. Kasi kung gusto mo na tumagal kayo dapat exclusive Talaga.

  8. Yung iba akala iisang tao yung tinutukoy na friend.

  9. kala ko ba mga brainy ang mga tao dito? it is not P. my god! read and comprehend. this i Z

  10. My answer is J & B! Feeling ko ako ang tama!



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