Sunday, October 14, 2018

Just Trying to Be

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Network Performer (NP) is among the promising discoveries of his network, which has recognized his capability by giving him projects where he could shine. Not only can he act, he can even stand his ground along the best hosts of the station. However, in the process of his work, he made the mistake of testing the attitude of fans.

While being friendly with fellow co-actors is nothing unusual, these days, fans seem to be under the belief that they can dictate who should be friends with their adored celebrities. Once they realize they do not like a certain celebrity to hang around with their idols, certain fans would start bashing and imply malice in every act done by their target celebrity. Unfortunately, NP became entangled in such a mess that was caused by association.

While certain fans insist on a romantic angle with NP being the antagonist, not everyone is sold on the idea. Allegedly, NP might really be into the friendship and nothing more because he and his Controversial Friend (CF) might be interested in the same thing. However, admitting to that would end his potential to become a matinee idol abruptly.

One time, NP was allegedly spotted drinking in a bar alone. While nothing is wrong with drinking in a bar, the bar itself places NP in an awkward position. The bar is a known hotspot for male dancers gyrating on stage. Hence, those who recognized NP wondered why of all bars would he choose to be in that bar that has a reputation. It’s not even a club, by the way.

Thus, NP might be in a very uncomfortable position but the bottom line is that being friends with CF and being himself are the poison to his career.

“People who take you for granted would be mad at those who regard you as something.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

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  1. J of Kah or J of Kaf? baka nag hahanap ng benefactor lol

  2. Replies
    1. M the puppy eyes? more clues naman.
      -solid KaF fan here kaya wala ako masyado kilala lalo pag mga bago.

  3. Mga baks help naman newbie ako ditey

  4. J at M KAH pers onor!

  5. Pssst . . . Bka may research pra sa thesis...

  6. J and M from kaH.



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