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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Cannot Just Divulge

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In the middle of this tug-o-war is Busy Actor (BA) who has always shunned any inquiry about his love life. Since the time BA made his breakthrough, he has been hounded by questions on his love interest and other personal questions. BA has always shrugged off such questions and inquirers back off as they know BA has a load of supporters who will support his actions. Hence, questions that do not pertain to love are often asked and BA would gladly reply to such queries.

Allegedly, two women are at the opposite ends with BA in the middle. On the one hand, Quiet Woman (QW) has allowed herself to be in the background while BA’s career continues to fly. On the other hand, Front-act Actress (FA) is often seen in public with BA and a fanbase has dedicated themselves to the BA-FA partnership.

Given that the BA-FA love team seems to have a growing following, the fans of the BA-QW partnership are dousing posts or comments that pertain to BA-FA. Subsequently, the BA-FA groups will not take such action quietly and stress that such fans should move on, as the BA-QW love team in real life is naught.

Over the years, never have BA and QW admit to their relationship, which left many fans wonder. Even if QW made the move to be nearer BA, the actor has not admitted nor denied something was happening between them. Thus, when FA entered the picture, many fans started condemning her and portraying QW as the hapless victim.

Fans of BA-FA claim that BA is no longer into QW and is not even going home to the village. They claim that BA only views QW as his neighbor, which is not romantic at all. By contrast, BA has allegedly gifted FA with a ring and even tags her in his private social media accounts. Perhaps all these incidents are known to QW, but such reality does not stop her from liking the posts of the public social media accounts of BA. Her reasoning is that if she stops, BA might lose some of his fans who are loyal to her. However, that reaction is read as someone who cannot move on.

‘Hiding, secrets, and not being able to be yourself is one of the worst things ever for a person. It gives you low self-esteem. You never get to reach that peak in your life. You should always be able to be yourself and be proud of yourself.’ --  Grace Jones

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. KAF or KAH ? Nasa row 4 ako eh kaya pakopya naman hahaha

  3. Kaya pala puro parinig si J

  4. Ang dali!!!
    B - from umayserye
    Y - umayserye
    J - The quiet one, not the jinx.

  5. I like J for C napaka lowkey nila.

  6. This is sad....when One plays the game of fame...someone’s bound to get hurt.

  7. BA - C
    QW - J
    FA - Y
    KAF lahat

  8. I am wondering why they cannot divulge the real status of their relationship. Ang tagal na nun BA-QW issue. Na ipartner na sila sa iba pero up until now nalilink pa din sila. Even the mgmt. Ni link pa din sila. I hope na hindi ito another heartbreak for QW na after a long time, wala din sa huli like her previous relationship.

    As for FA, sana galingan mo un pag arte mo sa teleserye. Up until now ganun ka pa din umarte kasi. Kung kayo man ni BA, sana nagstart kayo sa clean slate.

  9. Kawawa naman si QW-J. Bet ko sya, simple lang pero magaling na artista.
    BA- C
    FA- Y
    Both from umayserye
    All KaF

  10. QW - J
    BA - C
    FA - Y
    Di present si QW sa recent big event ng KaH

  11. Kung totoo ito, you deserve better J!

  12. Sa totoo lang kung di ka pwedeng ilantad ni BA and enjoy your youth, iwan mo na si BA. Dapat QA huwag mong sayangiin ang kabataan mo. you are young and very beautiful. Di kawalan si BA. Let him go. Enjoy your youth.

  13. ano bang pumipigil kay BA-QA na umamin?jusko puro mga pabebe!

  14. KaF sila from umayserye..

  15. I felt sad about this. Too much time was wasted by J on C. Hope J will be with someone better than C.

  16. Yan kasi akala niya may forever,eh yung guy halatang nag eenjoy sa fame niya ngayon. Hai sana maging masaya na sila lahat.



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