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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Pay Your Dues

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These days, the sensitivities of people are on a high note such that any perceived transgression of a party is interpreted as a violation of one’s rights. Instead of engaging in dialogue first, most parties prefer to file cases especially when they believe their pride and honor have presumably been placed in an embarrassing position in the eyes of the public. Hence, the legal profession seems to be in demand for many celebrities facing their respective bouts with the law.

When Industry Celebrity (IC) felt that an incident challenged her reputation, she immediately decided to make a case. Rather than take things in stride, IC hired the best lawyer her money could afford and her legal team was very confident that the lawsuit was foolproof. There was no turning back and IC was firm in pursuing the case, rather than find a non-legal solution.

Choosing high profile lawyers these days is also a way of sending a message to the sued party. One message is to show the seriousness of the case and the other is to intimidate the other party. IC was set on winning.

As the public only gets updates when the press covers legal battles, things turned quiet for IC as soon as the case was already in court. The proceedings hardly earned any media coverage and many thought IC had a strong case. After a few months, the court released a decision, which surprised IC. Her case was weak and the court dismissed it. Apparently, the lawyer of the sued party did the homework.

Whenever a court issues an unfavorable decision, expect appeals to be filed. In the case of IC, no such appeal was filed. This development was surprising, as IC was in such fighting form when she filed the case and people assumed that she was ready to fight for the case.

The question as to why IC seems to have accepted the decision and remained quiet is that she had a different way of viewing payments. As she lost the case, she refused to pay her legal team and cited that she did not win, anyway. Hence, with such thinking, the legal team lost interest to file any appeal on her behalf. Perhaps, IC ought to be reminded that whether one wins or loses a case, one pays for rendered legal services. Payment is never dependent on the outcome of the case decision.

‘Life is full of regrets, but it doesn't pay to look back.’ – Zinedine Zidane

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  1. L? Wonder where she gets her funds for her faux lifestyle. She's all smoke and mirrors anyway.

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