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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Engage in Reflection

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One of the negative sides of being a celebrity is the unending pressure to balance one’s personal interests and career demands. When celebrities have already achieved sound time management and even a nurturing family, other factors would continue to add pressure.

On the career side, the public would always compare celebrities. Sometimes, celebrities would merely tolerate such comparisons, but when the rivalry among fandoms escalates, even if celebrities will not admit it, they too get affected. On the personal side, once a celebrity is found out to be on a relationship, netizens will keep badgering when the couple will get married and once a couple is married, hundreds of queries will be posted on when they will have a child. As celebrities are humans, they could sometimes allow themselves to be affected.

When Talented Personality (TP) said she wanted to go on vacation, her fans knew she really needed to go on a much-needed break. She has been working non-stop given her local and international commitments. Then, there’s the pressure for her to live up to her image, which she actually is doing. One day, she made an announcement that made everyone smile and wish for the best for her family.

The excitement was too much to contain and TP let the public peek into her personal choices. She started to prepare for things she would need. Naturally, some netizens were relentless in giving her advice and even would go as far as giving a lecture on her outfits. To such comments, TP responded calmly and assured them that she has everything under control.

After a few days, TP posted a painful message, which gained her sympathy and understanding. Even if no words could console TP, her family, friends, and fans gave her moral support as she was about to go through a difficult time. In a snap, TP went off the social media radar. Such was a sign that TP was hit hard by the recent personal crisis. She withdrew from her commitments as well as getting into social media. The vacation became a reality, and this time, her partner put his foot down and apparently reminded her to take it easy, as family is more important than an image or a career. After all, TP has everything and does not need to prove anything anymore. The personal event positioned her in a period of reflection, and everyone knew that she has much time until she gets back to her old self, that is, if ever she decides to be in the limelight soon.   

‘Sometimes life may take you down an unexpected path, but keep an open mind, for that may be the exact path you're supposed to be on at that particular point in time.’ ― Alicia Emamdee

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  1. Malalagpasan mo din yan...God is good.

  2. H-KaH Give yourself more time. Avoid socmed. Go for a trip abroad. Matagal na bakasyon.

  3. minsan mas ok naman mawala na muna sa socmed. get away from stress, pressures, bashers, or toxic fans.

  4. Replies
    1. Me, too.

      Nung sinabi ng mom ko na nasa news yung magandang balita, sobrang happy ko for her. As in nun lang ako naging happy ng sobra regarding ganun klase news.

      May she always feel loved.

  5. Any person deserves a break from time to time, be it on a short or long basis. Being burned out has its negative consequences kasi. Hope H takes the time to enjoy life away from showbiz. Travel and enjoy the little things.

  6. “family is more important than an image or a career.” — tama si partner nya. This is H kaH

  7. This is H. God has a reason why it happened. Siguro for her to realize na hindi lahat about fame, validation from other people etc. I'm glad na she chose to stay out of socmed. Some celebs encountered the same pero todo share parin ng nangyari. I guess iba iba talaga ng coping ways pero I think mas maigi yung private ka lang and people who are close to you lang ang may alam kasi yung over sharing nagccause din ng stress or worse can lead to mental problems like depression pag may nagcomment ng hindi maganda sa pinagdadaanan mo.

  8. I think it's best to stay away from soc med. Grabe sigurong stress ung pinagdaanan niya lalo na kung araw araw may nangbabash sakanya.

  9. I pray that she would heal and be able toget through ir.

  10. Sinong H? Clue pls

    1. Pretty H. Crush ng bayan nung teenager sya.

  11. Kailangan nya ng break and focus na to her family, truth nasa kanya na ang lahat, di na nga nya kailangang mag showbiz, i hope everything fall into place and hope shes ok...



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