Saturday, November 4, 2017

On Judging a Slippery Situation

Renowned Performer (RP) seems to be causing confusion in the love life of newly Discovered Talent (DT) and his Love Interest (LI). The first time RP saw DT perform, he was immediately smitten. After all, DT, being a veteran of various talent competitions, is already a familiar face as far as celebrities who are often tapped to judge network contests are concerned.

After watching DT perform, RP only had a number of positive remarks. His remarks made some people think that he might be overdoing the praising. Nonetheless, his comments raised the bar higher for other contestants.

As RP is very careful when it comes to questions on his sexuality, he had to be doubly cautious with his attraction to DT. With sexual harassment issues in the news and his defensive stance whenever his sexual preference is brought up, RP proceeded cautiously. His heart fluttered when he found out that DT is not straight. There might be hope, but he had to plan his strategy well.

One time, RP met up with DT and offered to give him lessons to improve his performance style. This offer placed DT in a quandary. DT had an inkling that RP might have other ideas in mind, but to train under him would give him an edge over his colleagues. Then, he began to think of his own attraction to LI.

LI is active in the behind the scene happenings of celebrities. His expertise makes sure that celebrities would look good. Even RP has benefitted from his skill. However, this time, nothing is fair in love and war. DT was so worried that LI would find out about the offer of RP. DT likes LI to the point that he was the one who made the move to be closer to LI. It seems that he is attracted to LI and would want to be with him. As no secrets can be kept, LI did find out about RP trying to win over DT.

Now, the ball is in the hands of DT. On the one hand, RP is presenting to him a chance for his career to bloom. On the other hand, LI is turning out to be the love of his life. Will DT choose his career over his love? Time can tell as to whom among them will have a heartbreak.

‘In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn't matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did.’ ― Cassandra Clare

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  1. RP -- J
    DT -- D
    LI -- ?

    Gay pala si D?

  2. RP-J, DT-A(hdi pa cya ganun kakilala), LI-Di ko cya kilala.

  3. RP- J
    DT- S

  4. DT is A. RP is E. hula lang

    1. Same tayo ng hula. A is really a cutie naman talaga. Magaling pa.

  5. RP - J
    DT - A
    LI - wit ko knows :)

  6. Ang hirap, clues pa more, mga baks!

  7. Parang swak yung clues sa alam ko
    RP- J
    DT- A
    LI- O

  8. RP- J
    DT- A
    LI - no idea pa

    Diba di straight si a and medyo favored?

  9. Minsan ka lang makahanap ng tunay na pag-ibig..that is why I hope DT will choose love. <3

  10. RP - si J DT - D

  11. RP - J
    DT - Feeling ko si A. Kaso yung love interest nya ngayon hindi active sa behind the scene happenings of celebrities. Kawork nya yun.



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